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Welcome emails: Why you need one (and how to write it)  

welcome email

If your inbox was a party, welcome emails would always be the favourite guest. They show up right on time, dressed to impressed, and they somehow give you exactly what you want – even things you didn’t know to ask for. 

Not sending welcome emails is sort of like missing the party altogether – you’ll still make an impression but, needless to say, it won’t be a great one. Besides, what reason could you give for deciding not to send a welcome email? This is your chance to communicate exclusively with people who are already interested in your brand – it’s basically the gold standard of marketing opportunities. 

Plus, it’s hardly surprising that welcome emails have some of the highest open rates of any email category – and that includes emails with subject lines like “OMG there’s so much FREE stuff in this email!”

The next logical question is this: what should you be putting in your welcome email? How do you make sure this humble party invitation doubles as a present (and one that your reader actually wants)? There are near-endless ways to get creative with content and deliver huge value, so here are just a few examples: 


Why try it? Video has a history of producing fantastic engagement rates, which makes it an amazing medium for telling your brand story. If you’re camera-shy, you can still jump on the video trend by featuring your team and customers or embracing the magic of animation.

Special offers

Why try it? We all love discounts and free things, and those who are already interested in your brand will be jumping at the chance to get their hands on your stuff (especially if it comes at a discounted rate). 

Links to your blog and social media 

Why try it? You’ve got nothing to lose, and since these people have already said they’re interested in reading your content, they’re likely to be interested in what your brand is doing beyond these irresistible emails. 

Just remember this one rule: the most important goal of the welcome email is to plant a tiny relationship-building seed and invite the reader to your party. The goal is to make a great first impression and get them interested in what you do and how your brand could be useful to them. 

With a little luck and a lot of value (read: free stuff), your first email could be all it takes to get them hooked. 

(If all else fails, tell them there’ll be cake at the party – no one can resist that.)  

Once you know what content you’re planning on including, it’s time to write your email copy around it. If the idea of writing your own emails sounds about as terrifying as The Shining, fear not – we’ve put together a neat little welcome email guide! 

How to write a welcome email 

Nail your subject line

Like any area of marketing, a few golden rules exist for getting your subject line just right. If you want to maximise your open rates, the general rule is to keep it short and focussed, and include the most important words towards the beginning. Smart marketers will also engage in A/B testing to figure out what works for their particular audience.  

Personalise it 

Incorporating your recipients’ names into your emails is nothing new, but it can increase your open rates. Don’t feel the pressure to do this all the time, though – recent research shows that this tactic only increases open rates by 2-3%

Showcase your value proposition upfront 

In a world filled with short attention spans and constant overexposure to marketing noise, your value proposition needs to be obvious and succinct in order to win people over. You need to remind your new subscriber what you can do for them in a few sentences (or less). 

Make your readers feel something 

Truth bomb: your readers will have an emotional response to your brand, whether you’re aware of it or not. Here’s the trouble with that: unless you make them feel something – amusement, importance, or even joy – they’ll probably end up feeling bored, and boring emails are a one-way ticket to the junk box. 

Incorporate imagery 

Who doesn’t love a little colour in their inbox? Pictures make a great addition to your emails – they’ll have your subscribers admiring your artistry AND increase content views and clicks. Could you ask for anything more? 

Include a call to action 

Every piece of content has a purpose, and that purpose should come through in your call to action. You cannot be too direct when it comes to your closing, so don’t be afraid to tell your readers exactly what you want from them, whether it’s a little social media interaction or a product purchase.

Remind subscribers to add your address to a safe sender’s list 

Boring? Yep. Important? More than you know! If you want strong open rates, you need your email to make it over every possible hurdle and into your subscribers’ inboxes. 

Ultimately, your welcome email should accomplish one main goal: establishing a relationship with your new subscribers. You don’t have to make it Facebook official straight away, but the sooner you can prove your value and get them on your team, the better! 

Still not sure about this whole writing-your-own-emails gig? Click here to get us on your team and tick those emails off your to-do list. 


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