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The Dream Team for Online Businesses

dream team

The other day, I was deep in conversation with one of my business besties, talking about how hard (and exhausting) it is to grow your business when you are still stuck doing all the things IN it, and it got me thinking about just how common her problem is. 

Most of the women we work with are in a pressure cooker of business, family, and life – and some still have day jobs on top of all that.  As a mum of two, an employer of seven staff, and a director of an agency with an active client roster of 40 clients, I’m in the pressure cooker too!

But one thing that ALL our current and future clients have is big goals for their business and their lives.   

Here’s what our clients and I know that you might not yet:

Having goals isn’t enough. 

You need to have a clear vision about what you want for your business, and then the gumption needed to make it happen.

You can’t manifest a successful business.

Vision boards and business plans are great, but the gumption needed to implement, market consistently, and take managed risks is the difference between setting goals and reaching goals. It’s all about smart, considered decisions about how you use your resources (starting with time and energy) and create the space to do the work.

Even then, you’ll reach a point where you simply can’t grow without investing in a dream team to help you scale and elevate to your next level.  

The problem is, growing a team of skilled professionals is actually really hard and it takes time (and is a major investment $$$). And the nature of online business is that each part is so closely connected to the next part that you need an integrated approach to all projects. When teams aren’t integrated in the online space, you’ll find yourself constantly project managing or having to pay someone to project manage as you flick emails around between your designer, developer, copywriter, VA and integrations specialist, slowing down your growth and actually creating another big headache for you as the business owner.

You also might not even know WHAT roles you need on your team, or where to even find these people.

Here’s my Flourish Dream Team list for running a successful online business in 2021:

An Online Business and Brand Strategist

Your OBBS works with you to refine and elevate your vision for your business and the key milestones needed to get you there. This can include removing old programs, adding new ones, transitioning from a 1:1 to 1:Many model, a rebrand or brand refresh, reviewing what is working and what needs refining.

An Online Business Manager / Project Manager

Your OBM or PM works with you to achieve the business goals, overseeing the day-to-day operations to make sure things get done and coordinating communication with your team so you as the business owner can be removed from the daily tasks associated with your growth plan.  An OBM (Online Business Manager) is the bridge between your strategy and vision and actually getting the work done.  An OBM manages timelines and team members and takes care of all the implementation so you can get back to being the visionary in your business.

A Copywriter

In most businesses, the business owner struggles with the amount of copy needed to implement all the things. Emails, social posts, products, onboarding documents, and blog posts pile up faster than you think, and can stagnate growth. Working with a copywriter is a fantastic way to make things happen faster.  Whether you get the copywriter to do the first draft for you to personalise, or you provide a first draft for the copywriter to clean up, you’ll find working with a copywriter the KEY to implementing faster and producing more content.

A Graphic Designer

If you’ve been in business for a minute, you’ve probably worked with a Graphic Designer. Great graphic design is the key to protecting and fortifying your visual brand while you scale and build your empire. You could spend days making something semi-decent in Canva, or get a graphic designer to create something amazing in a few hours. We hire university-educated, experienced professionals who – unlike a random contractor from Upwork or a design subscription service – won’t waste your time producing average results.

A Web Designer / Web Developer

What don’t these tech whizzes do? When you need…

  • a high-converting sales page
  • a solution for all of those Javascript errors
  • a super-fast loading time
  • a snazzy new online membership platform
  • something you are proud to show your customers

…a savvy web designer/developer will have you covered. Our team lives and breathes online business and modern conversion techniques, so you’ll know we aren’t throwing on a bandaid solution that will come back to haunt you the next time you update your site.

An Email Marketing Integrations Specialist 

Once someone gets to your website, opts in for your free offer…then what? It’s your email marketing integration specialist’s time to shine! This person looks at the nurture phase of your relationship with your potential client, and then they go a whole lot deeper. They set up funnels and payments, segment your list, test your results, manage re-engagement, and make sure your emails are actually being read. Basically, this is someone you definitely want on your team to implement the path to your strategic growth.

Other important roles

Facebook Advertising Specialist

For best results, work with a FB ads specialist and not just “someone who can do ads”.  This person will need to work closely with your OBM to make sure the right ads are going out at the right time. Facebook Ads change all the time, so you’ll want someone who is going to manage your money right.

A Virtual Assistant: 

Virtual assistants can be really hit and miss, in our experience.  The good ones end up transitioning into an OBM or PM role, while the unskilled ones tend to cost you time and money. On the flip side, online business owners also tend to have unrealistic expectations for VAs.

PSA: you cannot hire a $5/hour VA to redesign your website and expect a fabulous outcome. Business owners often make a VA the first hire in their business, and do so without any support procedures in place. VAs require training, process, SOPs, and repeatable tasks to support their growth into your business.  Think of a VA hire as a long-term relationship in which you need to take the lead. Don’t expect them to magically know how everything in your business works without first showing them step by step.

Our preference is to hire in-house admin assistants and train them up to have specific skillsets for online business.  If you have a great VA – hold onto them and treat them right!  They are hard to come by.

The problem is that growing a team of skilled professionals who work well together isn’t easy. It requires a major investment of both $$$ and time.

And the nature of online business is that each part is so closely connected to the next part that you need an integrated approach to all projects. When your team isn’t well-integrated, you’ll spend way too long coordinating between your designer, developer, copywriter, VA and integrations specialist, leading to nothing but headaches for you.

This knowledge (which I learned the hard way) inspired me to build the Flourish Dream Team: our ready-to-go business-building service. Since 2014, we’ve empowered hundreds of amazing female entrepreneurs to achieve their online business goals.

Because if there is one thing smart business owners know it is this: 

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

So let us help you.

The Flourish Dream Team is our ongoing partnership program where you get our team working on your business for a number of hours per month over 12 months.

Here’s what that means for you:

  • No more hires (or mishires)
  • A full support team AND a strategist ready to jump in and start growing your business growing ASAP
  • The peace of mind that you aren’t alone – you actually have a proven dream team on your side.

Our team does everything (apart from FB ads) in-house. We’re talking:

  • Online Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Launch Management
  • Integrations
  • Automations
  • Funnels
  • Copy
  • Content
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Membership Design
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing

…and more. So, are you ready for the Dream Team? Read more about it here.


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