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Team 360 Performance

About T360P

T360P - sounds like a robot in Star Wars right? Well it's not a space robot but it IS just as cool.

It's a training program for professional triathletes. A holistic approach to training with the aim of helping each individual athlete reach their true potential. We don't do a lot of sport here at Flourish Online but that sounds hella useful.

Here's what we did for them...




The brief was to create a strong, sporty, vibrant site to attract the kind of motivated triathlete that T360P want to work with.

Using the stark contrast of black and white with neon green to evoke the feeling of speed (like a kid on a BMX with a mad Stack Hat in the 80s) we created a powerful brand using classic fonts and clean design.


Brandboard PSD no font


T360P needed something simple and easy to use. Athletes are busy and they have better things to do than spend their time clicking around on a website trying to find the information they need for their training program.

T350P booked in for our Brand Express package which is a very fancy version of a basic package. It does everything you need it to do... and nothing you DON'T need it to do.




Weirdly, athletics-based businesses need A LOT of collateral. Things like training guides, meal plans and informative printables.

Collateral often gets forgotten in branding packages but for us it's the icing on the cake.


  • T360P booked a Brand Express package with us so they could get up and running with their business idea ASAP
  • Their site is built on WordPress using Beaver Builder and a custom design by Flourish Online


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