Get a head start on social media

And start growing your #influence

(Without hiring a personal marketing team)
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If you’re a modern
business owner...

You already know just how powerful social media can be for boosting your business, and how challenging it can be to reach and target the right audience.

Here’s what you might not know:

NOT having a strong social media presence can be seriously damaging to your business, especially when 63% of businesses (i.e. your competition) are using it as a tool for engaging potential customers in powerful conversations.

Here's how we can help you

go from amateur to #influential.

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Great social media content earns more interaction. The combination of our gorgeous designer templates and creative copy prompts will get the conversation started.

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If you want to earn a valuable position in the minds of your potential customers, a social media presence unique to your brand can help make that happen.

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If the thought of planning your next month of business posts on social media is panic-inducing, our templates can take the pressure off.

Can we let you in on a dirty little secret?

#Winning at social media can (and should) be EASY.


Social Head Start

Everything you need to make friends with your social media feeds.

If your socials are sitting at the bottom of your to-do list, it’s time to give them some love. When you subscribe to our Social Head Start package, you’ll get a set of ready-made posts each month for Instagram and Facebook, designed to boost your following and your brand persona, without the hefty price tag.

All you need

is a few spare moments to edit your image on Canva, copy, paste and customise your pre-written text, and catapult it into the social media universe to collide with your followers (in a good way).

Here's what you get each month:
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30 Instagram post templates

These posts have been created by our professional graphic designers to help you achieve that *flawless* social media feed you’ve always wanted, and turn casual followers into crazed fans - it’s possible, we promise.

Loaded up into Canva - these templates are super easy to use. Use them yourself or send them off to your VA to create designer-quality socials at a fraction of the cost of actually having a designer make them for you.

Change to your brand colours and fonts, upload your own images... no one will know they are a template and they are super easy to make look custom to you.

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30 “Fill in the Blanks” /
Social Copy Prompts

Writing your own cringe-free posts for social media can be challenging, but that shouldn’t stop you from growing your business. We’ll send you 30 copy prompts designed to turn your passive audience into active super-fans.

All you have to do is copy and paste these prompts into Facebook or Instagram and watch as your engagement seedlings blossom into a garden of adoring followers.

How it works:

This is a subscription service, but don’t worry -
there’s no need for a commitment ceremony.

To get started:

Just sign up and take advantage of the headstart for as long as you need it!


We've got you, every month

Each month we’ll send you an email with a snazzy new suite of templates inside, ready to be customised for your feed.


Don’t know how to use Canva? We’ve got you. Inside the portal will be a Canva for Total Noobs video where we show you how to customise your templates.


Don't need us anymore?

Need to cancel? Easy peasy. You can log in and stop and start your subscription whenever you need to.

Social Media Headstart is $49 a month,

but you can get it for only $39 a month if you sign up this month

- oh, and this early bird discount lasts forever (or until you decide to cancel...but you won’t want to do that!)

When you think about the hours of work this package will save for you, the decision might just be made for you

This package will literally save you hours of work.

Jump on it now!
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Monthly Subscription

Monthly payments of $39 USD
  • 30 Canva templates in a different style each month
  • 30 "fill in the blank" social media posts to help get you started
  • Tutorial on how to use the templates
  • Cancel your subscription anytime
  • Lock in your early bird pricing now, FOREVER!