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Stunning Sales pages for Women who Mean Business

Got an idea that you have tested in the market?

You’ve refined and revised your offer based on feedback from your participants, and now it’s time to go BIG in your sales and marketing plan?

If so – it’s time for a custom sales page! 

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A custom sales page will help you to carve out a unique space in the interwebs, increase credibility, increase visibility, but most importantly:  increase your sales conversion rates.

Combined with a savvy marketing plan, a strategic sales page will catapult your sales through the use of:

  • Strategic design
  • Time Sensitive tools used to drive buying behaviour (such as countdown timers, fast action bonus’ and early bird specials)
  • Credibility builders, such as testimonials, social proof builders and industry associations placed in positions of uncertainty on the page
  • Visual displays of content, building trust in the buyer
  • Visual guarantees, building trust in the business
  • Conversion tools that are working right now

What you get when working with US on

your sales page:

Strategic input: We’ll let you know if we think your content is missing elements vital to you making more sales.

Simplicity: An easy to use, easy to duplicate and easy to edit sales page. We use only the best tools in the business and useability is KEY.

Training: One training video walkthrough teaching you or your team how to make simple edits, duplicates, so you can change anything on the fly.

Experience: Gorgeous design, clean development and an experienced team who has worked with both large scale and small launches.

Mobile Responsive: It'll look beautiful and clear on mobile (cause we know you get traffic there).

Urgency: Time Sensitive tools used to drive buying behaviour (such as countdown timers, fast action bonus’ and early bird specials)

Fast Turnaround: Most Sales pages are designed and developed within 2 weeks.

Fast Loading: Sales pages are long. We use best practises to keep these babies loading fast and lean.

Wow Factor: Our sales pages look hot, damn it.


Without Ellissa on my team from the very beginning, I often wonder if my voice would have made an impact. The interwebs is a busy place and while I knew I had something important to say, I knew that was only half the story!

Over the past three years she has built me two websites, two membership sites, two online courses a bajillion sales pages, sexy eBooks, printable stationary - the list goes on (believe goes on!) And every single time, I've been blown away. Because she just gets me and she helps my message stand out. Not only that she has this freaky ability to cut right through my airy-fairy ideas and make them concrete, consumer-friendly and SELLABLE!

In a world where top-notch service providers are hard to find, it's with complete confidence that I say - GET ELLISSA ON YOUR TEAM! Best investment ever.

Lisa Corduff, Small Steps Living,

If your marketing plan is driving people to your sales page, it makes sense to create an experience that is engaging, strategic and designed according to both your brand guidelines but also in line with conversion techniques that are working now.

You’ve probably spent months creating the content, refining the process and planning your launch – but the decision to buy is made on the sales page.  You have to get them right.

We offer custom sales pages for online offers at three levels

The Succinct

from $1800
  • For when less is more.
  • Specifications: Less than 2500 words including testimonials, faqs, etc.
  • A succinct page is used generally when your offer is $300 or less, is part of a greater range of business offers (i.e. this isn’t your big money maker), and is for a product that doesn’t require a significant time investment from the buyer.
  • The succinct page still uses all the best conversion tools, beautiful design and sales page strategies – its just a bit more succinct than your average longform sales page.

The Main

from $3500
  • As the Swedes say – it’s lagom!
  • Lagom means “just enough”. It's not a super succinct page, it's not war and peace. It’s a general sales page, for a general offer ($300 - $1000) and it's part of a suite of offerings. The product you are launching is NOT 100% of your income.
  • Specifications: 2000 – 7000 words. Note: We only work with copy that's written or edited by a professional copywriter for pages of this length.
  • The Lagom page still uses all the best conversion tools, beautiful design and sales page strategies – it's just not the length of war and peace.

The Signature Offer

from $5500
  • When more is more (and your business counts on it). Aka The War and Peace of sales pages.
  • Specifications: More than 7000 words (less than 11000) including testimonials, faqs, etc.
  • Note: We only work with copy that's written by a professional copywriter for pages of this length.
  • The Signature Sales page is for businesses that have one main offering, one big kahuna. Your offer is priced at more than $1000, and requires a longer page to make the sale.


Payment Terms:  50% desposit at time of booking your sales page. 50% Payment due 7 days before project starts.

All Packages Include:

  • Custom Thank you Page
  • Coming Soon page for when cart is closed
  • Training Video
  • Custom Design and Development of your Sales page, Thank You Page and Coming Soon Page.


And the best part?  

This sales page is fully customisable, meaning you can duplicate it and it use it for future launches, for different products, making it work for you time and time again.
miranda12 (1)

Working with Ellissa and her team to revamp our sales page for our FB Ads Masterclass was an awesome experience. Her knowledge, insight and design expertise removed the stress out of doing it myself - especially in such a busy time such as during a course launch. I have already recommended her to other online business owners and will continue to do so.

Miranda Ivey, Marketing Strategist, Dotti Media
Sales Pages are beasts.

And they require specialist skills.

Which is why we can only manage a few per month.

It's essential that you book your sales pages in advance.  It's simple to book a design and development slot, simply look for our availability below and click the "Book Now" button.  A member of the team will be in touch with you within 48hours to confirm your booking.

I've worked with hundreds of Boss-Ladies



From our first session I felt calm and confident that I was in good hands and I was able to get on with running my business while the development was taking place behind the scenes.

The end result blew me away. It captured my personality perfectly and I’m totally in love with my new brand. No more website shame or brand envy for me!

Ellissa is a true branding genius. But she’s more than that – she’s fun to work with too!

Do yourself a favour and get her brain on your biz, now!

Laura Trotta, Environmental Engineer and Eco-living Educator,

OMG what can we say ! You have totally blown us away from start to end on our new brand and website.
It’s far more than we could have ever imagines in so many ways. You have gone above and beyond to ensure that it authentically  represents both ourselves , and our clients in the most perfect way.

You have been so patient, and your customer service is outstanding. The support videos and guidance we have received from both you and your team has been incredible and kept this entire process stress free for us.

I knew when I booked you that you were THE BEST as I had already seen some of your incredible work, and now I’m SOLD even further!

I would highly recommend ANYONE looking to revamp, stand out in the crowd and NAIL their branding and website book you ASAP.

The investment has been worth every single cent and we will be forever grateful to you.

Gerard & Kim McGann, LIFT Business Academy

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Sales pages are illusive - you know that!
There are here one day and gone the next.

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