(Minimum Viable Sales Funnel)

You’ve heard of a sales funnel.

You know you need one.
But what the fudgebuckets is it, exactly?

If the idea of setting one up sounds a bit tricky or the whole concept just feels a little icky/sleazy/snoozy/salesy/ [insert your own adjective for do-I-even-need-one? here], then the answer is yes, you do and the good news is this package involves us ripping off the bandaid and just getting it done for you.

What is a Minimum Viable Sales Funnel?

Let’s break down what a sales funnel actually is and the minimum viable funnel we here at Flourish Online recommend. And by ‘minimum viable’ we mean *just* enough to get you noticed, create more leads and win more clients!

Sales funnels can be large and complicated but we like to keep things simple around here. So to get us started, we’ll be focusing on phases 3, 4 and 5: invite, engage and convert for this MVSF package.

Guys - why do I need one of these?


If you’ve been in the online game for a second, you’ll know that the secret to sales is in the nurture. Your Brand GRABS the attention, but your consistency and nurturing abilities is what creates a fan and brings in the sales.

We know that in marketing and sales, a potential customer needs to interact with your brand more than 6 times before they will feel confident to buy from you. An optin provides an enticing easy offer, and then a nurture sequence delivers those 6 touchpoints required for the know, like and trust factor.

The Offer

We’ll create your irresistible opt-in (aka your freebie) to capture leads.


We’ll back it up with a high-converting (100% sleaze-free) email sequence to nurture those leads.


To complete our simple sales funnel, we’ll also need a landing page and a thank you page.

In short, your sales funnel is a way to attract, sort, analyse and engage with leads (aka your potential clients).

The long story about Funnels

In long, if you drew it on a piece of paper, it’d be an upside down triangle or a ‘pipeline' of steps going from left to right. Either way, it’s your map for moving people from where they are now (unaware of you and your offers) to where you want them to be (obsessed with your brand, buying everything you offer and referring you to everyone they know).

In a nutshell, it's the journey people experience with you as they go from potential to paying client. It looks something like this:

Phase 1

Create awareness of your brand and your business with targeted ads, social media marketing, content marketing and guest blogging.

Phase 2

Explain how you can help visitors to your site through your content (including your About, FAQs, Services, blog) as well as your products and programs.

Phase 3

Design a call to action with an affordable entry point product or free opt-in so they get a ‘taste’ of what it’s like to work with you. Your visitors become leads.

Phase 4

Follow up with leads directly or through automated emails, provide even more value via tools and resources, relevant blogs, complementary services.

Phase 5

You’ve won them over, now you gotta turn your leads into paying clients by inviting them into your programs or introducing them to your high-end offers.

Phase 6

Gather your client feedback to develop new offers. Being able to meet your clients’ changing needs creates loyalty and a solid referral source.

Sales funnels can be large and complicated but we like to keep things simple around here. So to get us started, we’ll be focussing on phases 3, 4 and 5, invite, engage and convert.

Part 1


The Free Opt-In Gift


An opt-in gift is something you give in exchange for someone’s email. It’s a tempting freebie, a seductive gift, it’s something that helps solve a problem for your ideal client right now. It represents a quick win for them and is ideally something you’ve already created. Or at least, it shouldn’t be something that takes you two months to write from scratch.

When it comes to your opt-in offer, we don’t overcomplicate it, but do make it results orientated.

Part 2


The Landing Page (& Thank you Page)


You’ll be inviting your visitor into your funnel via a free offer. Ok that sounds a bit gross, but stay with us here.

Your landing page is a single web page separate from your site navigation. It has one job: to convert visitors to your site into paying customers. It’s a key factor in building your list and the foundation of your funnel.

Your landing page copy has to focus squarely on what you or your product can do for the reader to help them achieve their goals.

Here are some of the main elements to include on your landing page
  • Attention-grabbing headlines and compelling sub-heads
  • Eye-catching images and/or short video
  • Resistance-reducing explanation of your product or offer
  • Info-organising bullet points highlighting the benefits
  • Trust-building brand logos and killer testimonials
  • Data-collecting contact form to get all their juicy details
  • Powerfully-persuasive button copy encouraging them to take action

As soon as someone hits the submit button on your opt-in, they get your freebie, you get their email address. Everyone’s a winner. They get redirected to the Thank you page.

Here’s why a Thank You Page matters

Firstly, it’s polite to say thanks. It builds connection and trust, which are the cornerstones of any good relationship.

Secondly, as humans, we like to feel good about the choices we make. The thank you page is a place to confirm and affirm your visitor for taking that action. It lets them know they made the right choice.

And thirdly, it’s a chance to provide them with even more perceived value in the way of links to other content on your site, special discounts or an invite to your private Facebook group.

So this is not only your opportunity to validate their choice and build a relationship, it’s also an opportunity to increase conversion!

Part 3

Engage + Convert:

The Email Nurture + Pitch Sequence


Ever heard the saying ‘You gotta warm up the oven before you stick in the turkey?’. Same applies to business, you can’t go in cold with the hard sell. You have to show them how you can help them, give them a taste of what you can offer (in the form of a freebie) and then nurture that relationship over time with a series of valuable emails. So let’s talk turkey.

A ‘nurture sequence’ is a scheduled, automated series of emails that are intended to move people to take action. But it’s not just about spewing info at people, it’s about dripping it strategically so you get them interested to learn from you and ultimately, buy from you.

Our 7 step email sequence includes the welcome and delivery of your free offer, and then moves the contact through a sequence of education and conversation, which we call the 6 P’s: Pain, Proof, Presence, Pitch, Pull, Pitch.

We set this up in your CRM and connect to your landing page, so all you need to do is start telling people about it!

Ready to dive in?

Let’s get this show on the road.

Done for you Option

Investment: $2500

In this option we take your brief and make it all happen for you.

Here’s what is included:

  • Your PDF optin, written, designed and set up for delivery. Up to 5 pages (Hint: Shorter PDF optins convert HIGHER than longer ebooks)
  • Your optin landing page, written and designed for conversions.
  • Your Thank You page, written and designed for engagement.
  • 7 page email nurture sequence, written for connection and conversions, set up in your CRM and running AUTOMATICALLY.
  • 3 x Social media blurbs + images to get you started with your marketing of your offer.



$2500 Upfront or

2 x Monthly Payments of $1275 or

$800 deposit and 6 x $300 monthly payments.

Done with you Option

Investment: $1750

Here’s what is included:

  • Access to our Write Your Funnel minicourse and templates.
  • You supply: Your copy for the optin gift, landing page and thank you page, and 7 emails based on the templates supplied.
  • We design PDF gift (up to 5 pages)
  • We design and develop your optin landing page designed for conversions.
  • We design and develop your Thank You page designed for engagement.
  • We set up your 7 page email nurture sequence set up in your CRM and running AUTOMATICALLY.
  • We design 3 x Social media graphics to help promote your offer.

$1750 USD Upfront or

2 x Monthly Payments of $900 USD or

$800 deposit and 6 x $165 monthly payments.