Want new members for your e-course

like, yesterday?
like, yesterday?
Congratulations! You’ve just stumbled into the right nook of the internet.

Having AMAZING course ideas without a launch platform is kind of like scoring a first-class ticket on a plane with no wings - it can leave you feeling pretty frustrated (not to mention slightly terrified).

The good news is that we specialise in creating the kind of launch platforms that get clicks, shares, and bums on (virtual) seats, and you can get ALL of those things with our

Membership Lab Essentials package in just 21 days.
Membership Lab Essentials package in just 21 days.

Here’s what you get when you work with us


Strategic Input:

We’ll make sure your platform delivers an optimum learning experience.


All The Experience:

Our team has worked on hundreds of successful large and small projects.


Silky Smooth Simplicity:

Your membership site will be easy to use, edit, and duplicate.


Thorough Training:

Instructional videos designed to teach you how to change, update, or integrate anything on the fly.


Mobile Responsiveness:

It'll look beautiful and clear on any device (because your students expect and deserve nothing less).


Lightning-Fast Turnaround:

Our e-course platforms are typically designed, developed, and integrated within 3 weeks so you can start making your investment back immediately.


Full Ownership

Built on the WordPress Platform and hosted by your hosting company, you are 100% in control of your product.


Wow Factor:

Our custom membership and e-course platforms are some of the sexiest in the business - check out our portfolio below.



Lab Essentials

Lab Essentials

with AccessAlly


Magnificent membership sites

for business owners who are ready to launch their offer and start making an impact (and some leveraged income).

Here's what's included

here's what's included


Course / Offer Branding

  • Moodboard: Your moodboard will be the inspiration behind your brand image - think of it like a scrapbook full of website design goodies that will help you visualise your final product (no scissors or glue required).  
  • 2 x Course Logo options (with 3 rounds of revisions): Every clever course creator needs an even CLEVERER logo design (and yes, cleverer is a word). Our designs will give your course that sophisticated edge. 
  • Unique colour palette // Unique font combination: If you want to stand out online, you’ll need a brand that looks like yours. With a unique colour palette and collection of fonts, you’ll be ready to make your mark on the world. 
  • On-brand patterns and textures x 4: Pair your brand new colours and fonts with a set of four patterns and textures, and you won’t be forgotten in a hurry - promise.   
  • Powerpoint or Keynote template for slides: Say goodbye to a plain old white background - our template will make your videos so professional and appealing that your students can’t look away. 
  • Powerpoint or Keynote template for workbooks: Have you got a workbook for your course buyers that’s still sitting in Microsoft Word? Our template will help you whip it into shape in no time. 
  • Brand Style Guidelines PDF: Your style guidelines will help you keep everything consistent and on-brand, whether you prefer to do everything yourself or offload it to a designer.

Course / Offer Platform (WordPress)

  • Custom Login Page:  Where your students log in.
  • “Programs Dashboard”:  A page showcasing your different membership products.  If a contact has access to a program, it appears in colour.  If not, the icon is greyed out and when clicked upon the contact is taken to the sales page for that product.
  • Support Page: A site-wide page available for people to submit a support request to an email nominated by you.
  • No Access Page:  A site-wide page visible when a user stumbles upon content they do not yet have access too.
  • Custom 404 Page: A site-wide page visible when a user clicks on a broken link (where no such page exists).

Each Course / Membership we design includes the following pages:

  • Course dashboard:  An overview of modules they are available / will become available during the course.
  • Course Module Template:  A custom design that gets repeated for every module in your course.
  • Bonus content template:  Content that is supplied but not part of a module.  
  • Cart pages (with product to buy) and 3 payment options each product.
  • Cart thank you page (after purchase).
  • Custom module icons (one for each module - and you get the Photoshop files so you can make more in the future).


Free Sales page template

Take the Hard out of the Hard Sell with our super-easy, high-converting sales template - all you have to do is fill in the gaps.

Free Thank you page template

Made yet another conversion? Congratulations! Our free template will help you say thanks to your new fan (in the easiest way possible, of course).

Free “how to launch an e-course” document

Build your business on the foundation of our years of experience with the “How to Launch an E-Course” guide.



Prep Work

You’ll get access to our online portal where your briefing documents are laid out for you in a step by step format. Simply work through the brief, schedule your meetings and a time that suits you, and get ready to make some real progress on your membership or e-course product.

Phase 1
Course Branding

In the first five days, our brand team will take you through an express visual branding process where you’ll nut out the look and feel of your offer, get your assets in place, and rebrand your course content using a few handy templates.

Phase 2
Course Build

Your 100% unique website will be built based on the assets above. By day 10, we’ll have all your key pages in place as well as the framework for your course so that it’s ready for you to upload your content.

Phase 3
Course integrations testing and handover

Once everything is set up, we’ll run, like, a million tests to make sure your payments, welcome sequence, and tagging are all working perfectly.

Phase 4
You upload your content, tweak your sales page, and launch your product!

We’ll hand over and let you get your hands dirty!

So, are you ready

So, are you ready

to become OUR newest member and fall in love with your membership site?

Pay Upfront

$6700 AUD
or $4800 USD

Pay in Installments

2 x $2400 USD (monthly)

Payment Plan

$1997 USD deposit followed 11 x $580 USD
per month payments

Payment plans are also available for Australian Residents in AUD through Openpay.

Need a custom solution?

Need a custom solution?


Get an expert brain on your project. Our Discovery Deep Dives and report give you a blueprint for the future of your offer. Structured as 3 x 60min deep dive conversations on Student Experience, Body of Work and Business Vision, you’ll work with Ellissa to develop a blueprint/roadmap for your offer, a technical stack plan that works, and walk away with a project brief ready to go for either our team, yourself as a DIYer, or another team.