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The Launch: How to Launch Your Website

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The hard work is done – now it’s time to generate a little bit of excitement within your fans and tribe.

Here are some free ways that you can show off your site to the big wide world.

  1. Ask your designer to take a sneak peak of your site and leak it on social media about a week before the launch to help create some anticipation.
  2. Prepare to launch with a special promotion that you can gain leverage from – e.g. 20% off, a special package, an early bird special.
  3. Have your Opt In Gift ready – a free E Book, Video Series, Pod Cast.
  4. Create an Event on Facebook and invite all of your friends and people who have liked your page.  Add the location as “Your Home” or similar.
  5. Send a newsletter out to you mailing list telling everyone about the launch, your free opt in and your launch promotion.
  6. Have content ready (posts) for the next week or so.  Having some posts set onto auto publish will help you gain a little traction and keep the momentum going.
  7. Run a competition.
  8. Arrange some guest blogging gigs for the following few months.
  9. Arrange a cross promotion with some ‘sister’ companies (companies that don’t actually do the same thing as you, but that ‘fit’ with your ideal customer).

Most of all, make sure that you celebrate.  Getting your website finished is a BIG DEAL.  Too often we work work work and launch, only to focus immediately on the next project.  As a designer I totally get the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into getting your baby online.  For many this launch represents years of wanting, longing, and dreaming – so make sure you give it the CELEBRATION it deserves!

How did you celebrate your websites launch?


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