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How to Capture Your Brand Essence

How to Capture Your Brand Essence

The idea of capturing your brand essence might sound a bit woo, but it’s actually a very tangible process that has nothing to do with overpriced perfumes, fortune tellers, or baking. 

It should be part of everything you do – your tagline, brand voice, and personality – whether you’re making a business decision, starting a new campaign, or expanding your product offering. 

The thing is, before you can start using it in a tangible way, you have to understand what “brand essence” actually means – and guess what?

It’s comprised of so many different concepts that it can be difficult to pin down, let alone sum up. 

Slippery beasts, these brands are. 

The good news is that bringing all of those things together in one place is not only possible but also surprisingly simple – now that we’ve basically done all the hunting and gathering for you! 

Let’s talk about…

The five elements of your brand essence

Your products and/or services

This is the easy part because all you have to do is describe what it is you actually do. 

The answer will probably be just a few words – something like “sell ecourses” or “teach people how to overcome impostor syndrome”. 

The thing is, you don’t want to be just any seller of ecourses or teacher of anti-impostor syndrome hacks… 

You want to be the one people will line up to work with, even if you charge three times as much as the next guru – and your Unique Selling Proposition will get you there. 

Your USP is the thing you do that sets you apart from the rest – something you can do that your competition can’t, or something that makes your offer more desirable. 

Your values 

If your products and services are what you do, your values dictate how do business – and that changes everything. 

Your values probably go all the way back to the beginning of your business and the reason you decided to launch it. 

Want your business and your goals to resonate with the right people? 

Then you need to make sure those values are communicated clearly – through your words, your actions, and your fabulous Instagram tiles.  

Your values are the foundation of your business, and if you get them right, they’ll keep you standing through the tough times. 

Your goals and vision for the future 

Let’s be honest: without goals, none of us would make it very far. 

Goals move us out of bed and into the room where all of that online business stuff happens, but that’s not all… 

They also make up the Big Picture, and sometimes they force you to think about some Big Questions, like…

What’s your vision for Future You? 

What’s your brand purpose

How do you want to be remembered? 

It’s a lot to think about, right?

Time to make a date with your vision board and mull those over. 

The benefits to your customer 

Let’s imagine you’re looking at fast cars. The features might include an enormous engine, a great paint job, and speakers with the capacity to break down a brick wall – but that’s not what they’re selling you on.

A clever car salesman will talk about how exciting it is to drive a fast, sexy car on an open road with the speakers blaring – or in other words, the benefits

Here’s where things get a little tricky: 

Your products and services might look super beneficial from where you stand, but you’re not buying them – so you need to ask people who might. 

Start conversations, send surveys, and ask for feedback from people in your ideal target market to find out why they choose a certain product over another. 

The feeling you give your customer 

This is where it all comes together – because really, the emotional association your ideal customer forms with your brand is the main thing setting you apart from your competitors. 

In order to get potential customers on board, your brand needs to create the right feeling, and that feeling becomes an integral part of your brand essence. 

Bringing it all together

Brainstorming and introspective activities are fun (seriously – we love a good quiz), but you know what’s even better? 

Coming away with a statement that makes you feel connected to your brand and your purpose – so let’s do that. 

Here’s an example of the brainstorming results for Flourish Online: 

Products/services: websites, branding, and online services for female entrepreneurs 

Values: fun, creativity, freedom

Goals and vision: to help women create financial freedom  

Benefits: A first-class online presence that gives them confidence 

Feelings: Proud, excited, free, brave, supported 

Bring these five things together, and you’ll end up with a statement that reads something like this: 

Flourish Online offers first-class, full-scale online services for female entrepreneurs (with a healthy side serve of fun and creativity), giving them the confidence to show up online feeling proud, excited, and supported, and create a life of financial freedom.  


Then, once you’ve captured your brand essence, it’s time to make sure it’s reflected throughout your online presence, from your logo and web design to your brand voice. 

Need a hand with that? 

Here are your options:

Check out Brand Lab Essentials for website projects…

Get just about anything else in motion with our Dream Team

Or book in for a chat here.


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