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How to Boost Your Email Open Rate 

email open rate

Your email open rate is sort of like your high school GPA. 

If it’s not great, it gets a heck of a lot harder to achieve what you want (i.e. more successful sends and a piece of that sweet, sweet email ROI pie). 

And just in case you have no idea what “ROI pie” is, here’s your quick fact update: 

As of 2021, email marketing boasts a 4200% ROI, which means that every dollar spent on it creates about $42 in revenue. 

In other words, email marketing beats just about any other pie filling you could think of for sweetness, and here’s the really good news: 

Whether you’re new to email marketing or just jumping back in after a love affair with Pinterest (it happens), you can make some seriously good things happen for your business with a few tips just like these:  

Target the right customers 

You can write an objectively perfect message, send it at the right time, and include all of the right offers for your segmented list, and STILL fail to boost your email open rate. 


By building a list with the wrong people – people who aren’t interested (and will likely never be interested) in your core offering. 

Getting your target audience right from the beginning will make a huge difference to the success of your email campaigns, so take the time to qualify your leads and get to know as much as you can about them. 

And the sneaky bit? All of this will look like nothing more than good customer care (as long as you don’t get too personal), so everyone gets what they want. 

Capitalise on your welcome emails 

Pop quiz: which type of email has the highest open rate of them all? 

When you think about it, it’s hardly surprising that welcome emails take out the top spot because usually come with super exciting stuff like log-in details (ooh!), opt-in deliveries (ahh!), and other first-time exclusives…

So don’t let yours be a disappointment. Let your personality shine through in your tone, and encourage your readers to let you into their inboxes (and hearts) from the first interaction by responding or adding you to a safe senders list. 

Be mindful of spam filters 

Getting marked for spam is like making it onto the No Entry list at your favourite local bar: disappointing and just plain inconvenient…

The difference is, instead of having to go to the next suburb for a cocktail, you have to deal with the knowledge that your emails may never reach that inbox again. 

Obviously, your goal is to stay off that No Entry list and keep your local reputation intact – and the best way to do that is to steer clear of spammy tactics.

Cliche sales words like “for only ($)”, “special promotion”, risk-free”, “guarantee”, and “this is not spam” will (shock horror) probably get you marked for spam, so steer clear if you can.  

Develop a reputation with your readers 

People open emails from senders they recognise because they know what to expect, and they might even be looking forward to hearing from you (yes, it’s possible).

The best way to make this happen is to deliver value right from the beginning of your interactions with potential customers, and then make an effort to maintain consistent contact with your prospects…

And what better way to create that consistent interaction than with an email nurture sequence? 

The trick is to make your emails like an unmissable morning ritual, and you can do it by packing your nurture sequence with value: think validation, free content, and opportunities to ask questions, all before you even mention selling. 

Oh, and don’t forget to include your name in the “sender” space from the very first email. People will get used to seeing your name in their inbox and associate it with quality content.  

Hello, Thought Leader status! 

Provide an unsubscribe link 

Here’s a riddle for you: why would you want to give people the opportunity to unsubscribe from your list after you spent so much time (and $$$) to get them there in the first place? 

No idea? 

It’s all about your email open rate. 

If people are sitting pretty on your list without ever opening your emails (or worse – dumping them in spam), you’d be better off removing them from the list. 

Think of it like being at a party with a friend who would rather be at home watching Netflix in their PJs. 

You’d both have a better night if you just called them a cab – and they’d be way more likely to come to the next party – so don’t forget to give your list an out and include an unsubscribe link. 

No matter where you’re at with email marketing right now, these five tips will help you go from “spam folder content creator” to “messenger to the people” – that is, as long as you’ve got the time to write quality messages and actually respond when someone writes back. 

And if the thought of doing all that makes you wanna go and procrasti-scroll through your inbox for a few hours, we can help (and you won’t even have to send us an email). Just click here to check out our copy offers and get us on your team.  


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