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How a member’s portal is helping our clients

member's portal

Do you ever wonder about how things work behind the scenes in someone else’s business? Then you’re in luck – because we’re lifting the curtain on our member’s portal to show you how we have automated our intake process! 

It takes some serious talent to bring a client’s vision to life – we’re talking the full Dream Team – but with a handful of clever tech tools, we can streamline the whole process.

Basically, these tools enable us to give our clients the support and confidence they need to take on their website design projects, and we wouldn’t be without them!


When it comes time to create an order form or automation campaign (which, let’s be honest, is basically every day), we’re pretty happy to be Ontraport users.

Not only is Ontraport a powerful tool for increasing lead and customer conversions, but it’s also extremely versatile. Seriously – the list of things it doesn’t do is almost longer than the list of things it does. 

It helps with business process automation, Customer Relationship Management, email marketing, landing pages, marketing analytics and automation, partner and referral programs, and, of course, membership platforms

We use Ontraport for all of our opt-ins (including the free Brand Boost mini-course we mentioned in the video, which you can sign up for here). 

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a WordPress plugin that works just as hard as its namesake, and we’re not the only ones who think so…

More than one million sites across Internet Land trust BB, and once you give it a try, you’ll understand why. 

There’s just something about editing on the front end that makes life easier for everyone involved. 

Our designers can easily move things “just three pixels to the right”, our copywriters can create text blocks for their wonderful words in seconds, and our clients can learn to do it all themselves once we hand over.



If you ask Google, you’ll find that AccessAlly is “the leading user experience-focused membership plugin and learning management system for WordPress”. 

And if you ask us, we’ll just tell you that it’s pretty damn great. 

This plugin enables us to build swoon-worthy membership sites that house all of our clients’ course content, and then some. 

Just like our clients, these sites never stop growing, and that’s just part of the reason why we love ’em so much. 


We use Loom to record our videos for clients at the end of their time with us – because no project is complete without a final walkthrough to show off all of our hard work! 

Loom is perfect for recording instructional videos, allowing us to record the screen, our voices, and our faces as we navigate clients’ new websites. 

We even use Looms in our internal communications if we need to get a message across to the team – you know, for all those times when slipping into the DMs just won’t cut it…

And if you want to see our Looms in action, you’ll find a nifty little walkthrough video of our member’s portal here

P.S. If you’re ready to see the inside of the member’s portal for real and become part of our FO fam as a client, you can do that here.


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