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Ellissa Nagle and the entire Flourish team have been a dream to work with. When deciding to take my business in a new direction, I received a lot of applications and proposals from designers and developers to build out my new website, funnels, and systems. I ultimately chose Flourish, and they have exceeded every expectation. Ellissa has felt like a partner in the pivot I made, and a core part of that pivot being a success. The Flourish team is exceptional, and I am looking forward to so many more projects to come.

Ellissa and her team are the gold standard in creative vision, execution and professionalism, which is rare.

Usually, you'll get the creative presentation but an iff-y execution or the other way around - but not with Flourish. You get excellence across the board: A visual brand that's in perfect alignment with your brand goals, everything delivered on time (even early), and laid out perfectly. If you're serious about getting to the 'world class' level in your brand and business, this is exactly where you need to be. It's beyond worth the investment, you'll see.

Denise Duffield-Thomas - Flourish Online
Ellissa and I have collaborated on so many amazing web and design projects over the past few years - she's always my to-go girl for anything to do with our digital assets. She's helped upgrade my brand to new heights, beyond what I can dream up myself.
I highly recommend Ellissa to anyone wanting a First Class digital presence. 
Ellissa Jayne and her team are the best! Her calm “can-do” attitude, brilliant design and quick turnaround have made her an invaluable asset to our team. Not only does she create beautifully branded design, but she’s focused on our overall business strategy& marketing outcomes which has helped us increase our conversions and scale our growth.

I worked with Ellissa to do a full rebrand on my website over at Uncaged. I was SO nervous, because I have an already established brand, but it never quite felt like ME. I wanted to make sure this re-brand really nailed it (no pressure!). But OMG -- Ellissa and her team were amazing! She immediately understood me and my brand and was able to magically transform all my ramblings into a visual brandboard that was exactly what I had been imagining in my head. She was amazing with response time and communication, and not only keeping deadlines but working faster than them!

I looooove the way she builds sites too - it's so easy to change on the backend and add new things without having to run back to them every time I need a new design element - me and my team can do it all ourselves now! LOVE! I can't recommend Ellissa enough!

Thanks lovely, you are amazing!!

Rebecca Tracey

Working with Ellissa is a dream.

Her work is always exceptional quality, she delivers on schedule and on budget and always exceeds my wildest dreams.

Creative genius? Hell yes! You'd be mad not to work with her.

Kathryn hocking

Earlier this year I was trapped within my brand and felt I was hiding behind a logo that no longer resembled me and my message. I was ready to fully step out into the world under a new personal brand but wasn’t going to trust any old developer to create it for me. Seeing what Ellissa had created for others I knew she was a perfect choice for me. From our first session I felt calm and confident that I was in good hands and I was able to get on with running my business while the development was taking place behind the scenes.

The end result blew me away. It captured my personality perfectly and I’m totally in love with my new brand. No more website shame or brand envy for me!

Ellissa is a true branding genius. But she’s more than that – she’s fun to work with too!

Do yourself a favour and get her brain on your biz, now!

Laura Trotta, Environmental engineer and eco-living educator

Without Ellissa on my team from the very beginning, I often wonder if my voice would have made an impact. The interwebs is a busy place and while I knew I had something important to say, I knew that was only half the story!

Over the past three years she has built me two websites, two membership sites, two online courses a bajillion sales pages, sexy ebooks, printable stationary - the list goes on (believe goes on!)

And every single time, I've been blown away.

Because she just gets me and she helps my message stand out.

Not only that she has this freaky ability to cut right through my airy-fairy ideas and make them concrete, consumer-friendly and sellable!

In a world where top-notch service providers are hard to find, it's with complete confidence that I say - get Ellissa on your team!

Best investment ever.

Lisa Corduff, small steps living,

Working with Ellissa and her team has been the biggest joy and the best decision I have made for my business! I was looking for someone to build my new membership site, and as soon as I laid eyes on her work, my heart told me I had to go with her. My heart was spot on.

The whole process was absolutely seamless, from the start to the very end. I am blown away with how she has been able to nail the branding of my service after really taking the time to get to know me and what I want to convey. It's just perfect!

I know I will not be working with anyone else from here on. I'd be crazy if I did (and so would you!). Choosing Ellissa and her team is definitely the best investment you can make for your online business.

I am so grateful that you exist, Ellissa!

Edurne Ubani, Comida Real Kitchen

I loved working with Ellissa and her team. I love my website and really feel like it reflects my spirit and purpose. The color scheme and layout was right on target with my message. I would recommend Ellissa and her team without reservation for any heart driven entrepreneur who wants a designer that can capture the essence of what they want to accomplish in the world with their work.

Manju Rentala MD, Fertility Coach, Wellness Expert.

Working with Ellissa and her team to revamp our sales page for our FB Ads Masterclass was an awesome experience. Her knowledge, insight and design expertise removed the stress out of doing it myself - especially in such a busy time such as during a course launch. I have already recommended her to other online business owners and will continue to do so.

Miranda Ivey, Marketing Strategist, Dotti Media

The feedback from our collaboration has been nothing short of stunning: ‘I feel like I’ve just stepped foot in your home,’ > ‘it’s so you,’ > ‘this oozes tara!’

These words are the sweet cherries on top – they solidify what I already knew: Ellissa is the real deal. She got me and the energy I wanted to evoke on such different skies. The masculine and the feminine, the smoke and the edges, the divine and the daring. A thousands thank you’s, Lis.

Tara Bliss, Blogger, Author

Working with Ellissa was life-changing for me because it was the first time I saw my message so clearly stated on a website through graphics and design.

She nailed the branding from day one and really took her time to get to know me. I was blown away by her commitment to my site and my business as if it was her own.

I cannot express in words how lucky I am to have chosen Ellissa to make the magic happen and allow my website to scream my message of health and wellness.

Rachel Feldman, Wellness Coach and Detox Specialist

As soon as I see a website designed by Ellissa, it’s bespoke, it’s tailored, it’s perfect for you and I can’t recommend the experience highly enough.

And I have got so many new clients, referrals and I guess notoriety from having an upgraded visual presence online with my new brand from Ellissa Jayne.


Love, love, love your work Ellissa Jayne! You are a true talent and a dream to work with!

Naomi Young-Pickrell, Yoga teacher, Ambassador
Be Free Yoga

Omg what can we say! You have totally blown us away from start to end on our new brand and website.

It’s far more than we could have ever imagines in so many ways. You have gone above and beyond to ensure that it authentically represents both ourselves , and our clients in the most perfect way.

You have been so patient, and your customer service is outstanding. The support videos and guidance we have received from both you and your team has been incredible and kept this entire process stress free for us.

I knew when I booked you that you were the best as I had already seen some of your incredible work, and now I’m sold even further!

I would highly recommend anyone looking to revamp, stand out in the crowd and nail their branding and website book you ASAP.

The investment has been worth every single cent and we will be forever grateful to you.

Gerard & Kim McGann, Lift Business Academy

Working with Ellissa is an absolute joy. Not only is she incredibly gifted at what she does, but she also makes the whole process seamless and fun.  I'm so grateful to have found her, and I recommend her constantly.

Wendy Kotila, Business Coach + Mentor for women entrepreneurs

Working with Ellissa has given me confidence, direction, and clarity. I simply wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Having access to Ellissa’s brain and business wisdom for 4 whole months was truly a gift. She helped me package my services in a way that feels completely aligned with my skills and experience and provides outstanding value to my clients.

But the biggest shift I’ve experienced since working with Ellissa is the amazing women that keep showing up to work with me – and what’s more, I now have the systems in place to manage the influx of clients, so instead of spinning my wheels and burning out I finally have real traction in my business.

Amie Turner

Having two power sessions with Ellissa Jayne was so much more valuable than I imagined.

Ellissa helped me not only get clear on what my vision for my rebrand was, but who my audience was, what they needed from me, and how I could meet them at each point of their journey through my site. She then guided me with brand inspiration, lay out ideas, and new brand colours, as well as intuitively tapping into new ideas to grow even more.

She has a sixth sense for understanding audiences, and I know my vision for my business will now come to fruition.

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Working with Ellissa was like being on Business Bootcamp!

Over the 4 months we worked together, I was able to achieve so much momentum in my business. Lis has a wonderful ability to uncomplicate all those ideas floating around your mind and offer a clear strategy for implementation.

Lis sees the bigger picture and breaks it all down into bite-size pieces that are doable, and best of all she holds you accountable. Lis offers the expertise of a business coach, web developer & graphic designer all in one!

I would sign up to work with Lis in a heartbeat. She is a genuine soulful woman & mama, filled with passion for what she does and an absolute delight to work with.

Natalie Trusler

I can honestly say that hiring Flourish Online is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business and that my only regret is not hiring them sooner. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the work they’ve done on developing my brand, building my new website and creating my membership platform, not to mention the ongoing, exceptional service they provide in almost every aspect of my online business.

When you work with Flourish, you don’t only get world class web design and development, you get what feels like your very own team of graphic designers, copywriters, social media mavens, tech support specialists, and even business strategy advice. They turn tasks around in super quick time and are truly committed to the success of your business.

I’ve had many people ask me if I would recommend the team at Flourish and my answer is always an emphatic and unhesitating YES. Don't waste your time going with anyone else.


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