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Five Signs That You’re Ready for a Professional Website

professional website

A gorgeous, professional website is a seriously valuable commodity in the online world, but when that value doesn’t match what’s in your bank account?

Well, it’s much easier to justify your decision to stick with the same old dodgy code and cringe-worthy copy you’ve been using since you launched your business.

But, since you’re here reading this blog, you’ve probably already thought about throwing caution to the digital wind and Just Doing It – so let these five signs be the little push you need:

1)  You’re doing the Website Walk of Shame.

Okay, so you might not be wearing last night’s outfit, but your website sure is. Somewhere along the line, your DIY adventure turned into a DIY disaster, and you don’t even know what to fix, let alone how


  • You’re avoiding sending your clients to your website due to embarrassment.
  • If you encounter an online form that demands a website or portfolio link, you run away. Fast.
  • Pretending not to have a website at all is actually starting to seem like a good idea.

2) It’s costing you time and money.

Remember how we mentioned earlier that a professional website can be a seriously valuable commodity in the online world? Well, a poorly-designed website can actually be a step in the opposite direction – especially when what should be a 5-minute fix turns into hours of frantic Googling and a stress migraine.


  • You’re spending time “fixing things” on your website when you should be out working with clients. 
  • You need an integrations audit on all the plugins, subscriptions, and new themes you’ve bought in a desperate attempt to get your website back on track. 
  • You never quite make it to the dinner table because you’re too busy putting out digital fires.

3) It doesn’t represent you anymore.

An outdated website is like a pair of too-tight jeans from 2007: you can keep telling yourself that everything’s just fine and trying to make it fit like it used to, but the reality is that you’ve gone in different directions. That’s the thing about branding: it’s supposed to evolve as you do, so don’t be afraid of change.


  • The colours, fonts, and content are reminiscent of the business you were running two years ago.
  • The photos are all so out of date that you feel like you’re catfishing yourself.
  • You’ve levelled up but your website is stuck in the past, man.

4) You’re not treating her right.

Discrimination against your website may not be a crime, but it won’t do you any favours when you want some lovin’ in return. She should be your number-one employee – she works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you, after all – so if you’ve been neglecting her, it’s time to rethink your priorities.


  • You haven’t made any updates in months. 
  • You can’t remember your login details. 
  • Things just don’t…look right.   

5)  Even the thought of your website makes you feel gross.

Need we say more?


  • You’re avoiding blogging, advertising, sending clients there…even talking about your website. 
  • Every time you think about it, you want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers.
  • You’re crying a little bit as you read this.

Recognise any of these symptoms? Don’t fret, you’re not alone – and a DIY job doesn’t have to be a death sentence! When you’re ready to level up to a professional website, click here and let the real adventure begin.


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