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Copy Secrets for Sage Archetypes

sage copy secrets

When so much of your personality centres around sage wisdom and wit, writing amazing copy must come easily…right? 

That is, until you need your writing to make an emotional connection (and, eventually, a sale…). The way you write determines the kind of clientele you attract (well, that and the awesomeness of your website design) so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. 

Want to draw your ideal clients in with your wise words? You need the four-fold path to Copy Enlightenment, and it starts right here: 

Keep it accessible 

A brand built around truth and wisdom is a powerful thing (just look at Google), but if you’re not careful, that Big Brain Energy could earn you the title of Know-It-All – and not in a good way. 

That’s why steering clear of condescending copy is rule number one. You want your reader to feel like they’re part of your crowd, rather than one of your students. 

Make your readers feel intelligent 

Now that you’re clear on the perils of going too high-brow, it’s time to talk about the problems that could arise at the other end of the scale. Dumbing everything down is a recipe for disaster, and here’s why: 

Your fellow Sage readers want to feel like they’re on your level. Pitch your copy just right (i.e. “wise, but not exclusive”), and they’ll get all the satisfaction of thinking ahead.

The result? 

They’ll watch in awe as the ideas in your content – the perfect blend of aspirational and accommodating – merge with their own…

And before long, they’ll be congratulating themselves on having the foresight to make such a wise investment in your brand. 

Be your generous self 

Sage archetypes are naturally giving people, especially when it comes to information and wisdom – which is kind of great, because that’s exactly what your fellow sage customers want. 

Don’t worry, though – it’s not all for nothing. The value in content marketing builds customer relationships like almost nothing else. The more information you give away now in your blogs, emails, podcasts, and opt-ins, the more you can expect to benefit from the customer relationships you’re building. 

Go where few have gone before 

As a Very Intelligent Person, you have the power to come up with original ideas (and good ones, at that) so the question begs to be asked…

Why would you want to regurgitate what 17 other online experts have already said? 

The answer (as you probably know) is that you wouldn’t, so do the opposite and make it your mission to write what no one else has written.

Note: being completely original is impossible since we’re all influenced (even subconsciously) by others’ work, but at the very least, you should put your own unique spin on your content. 

Just remember to back up what you say – Sage readers have an innate ability to detect faults and fallacies like sniffer dogs at the airport. 

Don’t be afraid to get personal 

Sage archetypes have the ability to transcend the personal in order to discern and uncover symbols and signs hidden in life’s challenges – but sometimes that personal element is exactly what your copy needs. 

Show your readers who you are beyond the facts and figures. This way, you can be sure that they’ll see you as a real person rather than a faceless authority out of some dystopian future.  

Use your About page copy, blog posts, and social media as an opportunity to tell stories from your own life and link them in with the wisdom you pass on to your community. 

As a sage, the ultimate goal of your copy is to teach, inform, and steer your readers in the right direction (which, if you’re clever about it, will lead them right into your fan club) – and, in case you didn’t already know, that isn’t always easy. 

When all of your wisdom is tied up in your area of expertise, you might not have any time or brain space to absorb any of the thousands of books out there on branding…

And why should you, when you can just have someone else do it for you? 

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