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Copy Secrets for Lover Archetypes


As a lover, you might be tempted to think that you can woo your ideal clients with heart-eye emojis and boxes of chocolates. The problem is, if you struggle to communicate All The Feels in your copy, it will be a short-lived relationship. The way you write determines the kind of clientele you attract, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. 

That’s right: good copy, just like a great relationship, takes time to develop – but fear not: time-saving shortcuts exist for those who seek them out. 

Shortcuts like these: 

Talk to your audience directly 

Let’s be real: there’s a reason why love letters are always written in the first person. 

People love to feel like they’re part of something special, so draw on your archetypal bond and make them feel understood. 

When you talk to them directly and use the words they would use to explain the challenges they’re facing, they’ll feel like you have a special connection…you know, the kind Creators write love songs about. 

Your website copy, sales pages, and emails make perfect places for a chance meeting between your brand and a potential customer – and if you write them well, that chance meeting could blossom into something long-term. 

Write where your passion takes you 

Passion is such a strong driver for you that you’d be silly not to use it! 

In an ideal world, your passion would absorb every aspect of your business, making your copy irresistible to the right person. 

That’s definitely possible, but there will be some days when you don’t have the time or energy to write with passion about anything other than cinnamon chai lattes…

And on those days, you’ll need to look beyond your screen for inspiration. Put on your most romantic dress, go somewhere with a beautiful view, and spend a few hours alone with your notebook.   

Choose a subject that you’re passionate about, or go somewhere that makes you feel alive. You’ll <3 the results, promise! 

Create a writing routine 

If there’s one thing a lover loves almost as much as love itself, it’s a good routine. Your cohesive Instagram aesthetic is one thing, but it’s your passion for organisation that sets you apart from other curators. 

Lovers generally respond well to routines, so if you want to get more out of your writing time (and write content that your followers…well, love), try settling into some good habits. 

Your writing routine can be as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Sitting down at your desk
  2. Surrounding yourself with photos of golden retriever pups
  3. Getting in a solid hour of brainstorming/editing/aestheticising.

Sound doable? 

Oh, and if you find yourself getting distracted or running low on inspiration, refer back to the previous point.

Draw on your senses 

Lovers see life as an intense sensory experience, which is a great thing, because great writing relies on an ability to translate senses into words and back again. 

That might sound like some sort of typographical magic trick, but you won’t need a wand – just a little life experience, and a few creative descriptions up your sleeve. 

Metaphors, similes, and vivid, descriptive language will be your best friend here, and you’ll get bonus points for original ideas. If in doubt, steer clear of cliches – they’re basically flop rom-coms in word form. 

Take every opportunity to connect 

Connection is so important to a lover that this should be your number one rule. 

Your bond with your community is sort of like a long-distance relationship: it requires concerted effort to stay connected.  

Don’t discount the simple stuff, like questions about their content preferences and problems they’re facing. Combined with a few beautiful images, these basics will make you memorable for all the right reasons. 

As a lover, the ultimate goal of your copy is to make your readers feel your passion and like your style enough to reach out. Just remember, even if it isn’t love at first sight, every touchpoint is another opportunity to speak to their hearts. 

If all of that content has you in overload mode, you might be wondering why someone else can’t just take care of this stuff while you doodle hearts on Post-It notes…

And if you can relate, you’ll like the next few words: we volunteer! We’ll have your community falling in love with your copy in no time.  

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