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Copy Secrets for Healer Archetypes

healer archetype

Healer archetypes like yourself are renowned for two things: magic hands (whatever that means) and a serious WOO vibe, but it takes more than that to grow a brand…starting with smart copy. Here’s the thing about copy: if it doesn’t capture your personality, your audience won’t feel the pull. The way you write determines the kind of clientele you attract (well, that and the awesomeness of your website design) so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. 

That’s right. Good copy, just like the healing process, takes time to complete, but fear not: time-saving shortcuts exist for those who seek them out. 

Shortcuts like these: 

Use your words 

And by “your words”, of course, we mean “the kinds of words that your target audience simply can’t resist”. The magic exclusive to healer archetypes lies in your ability to help your customers return to a state of being that feels good, so use these words to get them under your spell:     


Tell a story 

No matter the end goal of your copy, everyone loves a story. Stories have the power to draw a reader in, fill them with the magic of inspiration, and spit them out at the other end with the golden glow of someone who believes in magic. 

Everyone has a story to tell, and once your potential clients make it to your website, they’ll be ready and waiting to hear yours. Tell them where you started out, what led you down the path you took, and what problems you faced along the way.

Remember: real stories = real inspiration = real sales.

Encourage their imaginations

If you can get people imagining life without whatever pain point you’re solving, they’ll want the solution that much more. Visualisation is a powerful tool (just ask anyone who has ever made a vision board) and you can use your copy in a not-so-subtle way to inspire deep thought. It’s as simple as using the right phrases – phrases like:

Imagine if…

What would it be like if…

Picture this…

These are popular sentence- and paragraph-starters for one very important reason: they work

Start a conversation

When you want to let someone know that they’re cared for, what do you do? 

Talk to them! People want to be spoken to – and even more than that, they want to be listened to. Follow these steps to let your readers know that you’re hearing them loud and clear: 

Take a casual tone

Simply spouting words at your reader does not, a sale, make – how you speak to them is everything, and the days of sales copy that comes with its own top hat and coat are well and truly over. 

Write to your reader as if they’re a friend, and you’ll avoid coming across as too salesy, pushy, or formal. 

Ask questions 

Why use rhetorical questions? 

Two reasons: 

  1. They make your copy feel more human. Questions are a natural part of a conversation, and when you include them, your reader will feel valued. 
  2. They make your reader think. There’s something about the humble question mark that kicks the imagination into gear – and if you’re clever about it, you can align your thoughts with theirs and leave them with the unshakable feeling that they have found their soulmate.  

Ultimately, questions are all about making your reader feel as though you care, and there’s no stronger relationship-building glue than that. 

Focus on the possibilities 

Your readers have a problem you can solve, and they want to believe that the solution is not only possible, but available to them

Your job is to create that feeling by writing in such a way that makes those wants seem closer – kind of like a magnifying glass made out of words. Highlight all of the happy endings you’ve created and problems you’ve solved for past clients, and watch as the pumpkin transforms into a coach before your eyes.

Healer archetypes are all about inspiring, uplifting, and nurturing readers until they decide to take you up on your offer and start living life in a way that feels good

If your brain needs time to heal after all of that, and you find yourself wondering why someone else can’t just do it for you, we volunteer! 

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