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Copy Secrets for Creator Archetypes

creator copy secrets

If you identify as a creator, you probably fall into one of two categories: 

  1. You love writing colourful copy. 
  2. You love reading other people’s creative copy and then using it as inspiration for your next big idea. 

Category 1 people, this is your chance to prove that the pen (read: keyboard) really is mightier than the sword*.

And for everyone else, it’s time to let the creative inspiration colour your copy.

Start with these tips and you’ll be making a masterpiece in no time. 

*Note: it’s not advisable to test this theory. Most warranties don’t cover sword damage. 

Embrace your inner shadow

Creators are bright, colourful people, but they don’t get that way without accumulating a few shadows along the way. One of the biggest grey patches? Fear of being ordinary. 

The good news is that, while even the most creative people have their shades of grey, that side of you could help you relate better to your community. 

Right now, “outrageous” probably seems like a great alternative to “forgettable”, but if you put down the neon pink hair dye and glittery orange eyeshadow for a moment, you’ll see that you don’t have to be either of these extremes. 

Allow your personality to shine through in your copy and you’ll attract a crowd of people who really get you. 

Build your confidence

Creators might seem confident on the outside (see the previous point about eyeshadow for proof) but the truth is, self-doubt is in their nature. If there’s one thing every creator needs more of, it’s confidence – and with the right words, you can give this amazing gift to your community. 

Once you develop and embrace your own writing style, you’ll find that you start to feel more confident and less interested in comparing your work with others’. Favour expression over comparison and your life (and the lives of those you influence) will sparkle like the excess glitter on your latest unfinished craft project. 

Unleash your inner creative writer 

Writing is like painting (only without the mess): do it well, and you’ll plant powerful visuals in the minds of your audience – visuals that make them want to connect with you (and ultimately buy all your stuff). 

How do you paint a picture with letters? It’s time to embrace all of those literary devices you learned in high school: metaphors, similes, and imagery are powerful tools in the hands of the creative writer. If you can draw on your life experiences and frame them in a creative way, everything you write will be so much more #relatable. 

Embrace possibilities 

Many a creator dedicates their life to bringing bright ideas and brilliant visions to life for many reasons: money, fame, and of course, personal fulfillment (especially in the absence of money and fame). 

But more than any of those things, the goal is to experience the liberation of stretching your own creative limits. Whether you’re in the art studio, on the stage, or pitching a bold new idea in a business meeting, the right side of your brain knows that anything is possible.

Fill your copy with those limitless vibes, and your ideal audience will find you and your offers irresistible. 

Keep it interesting 

Creators get bored easily – we’re talking “shift from one task to the next within mere minutes” bored – and if you want to connect with them, you’ll have to hold their interest. Otherwise, your beautiful website mockup is at risk of becoming part of their next collage, so give them something to get excited about. 

Once you have their attention, keep your copy focussed on your ideal customer. Make them the central feature of your story and lead them towards the happy ending they want, before your offer gets buried under their latest creative project. 

As a creator, the ultimate goal of your copy is to capture your readers’ imagination (and then fill it with glitter, of course). 

If your brain needs a creative break after all of that, and you find yourself wondering why someone else can’t just do it for you, we volunteer! 

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