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How a members portal is helping our clients

Do you want to see behind the scenes in our business?  Today I lift the curtain on our clients portal to show you how we have automated our intake process to help our clients get ready for their website design project confidently and with as much support as they need. The tools we are using…

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What Can A Branding Service Do For Your Business?

‘Branding service’ is one of those weird phrases you’ll stumble across when you first start out in the online entrepreneur world. You’ll probably see it and think ‘What even is that? Do I need it? Hold me.’ Stress less, sweet cinnamon roll, as all will be explained. Branding services exist to help people create a…

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7 Membership Sites That Actually Make Money

Membership sites are ALL the rage right now, but many businesses remain sceptical about this model. ‘Aren’t subscription models kind of dodgy?’ ‘Do customers really keep paying for things like that?’ ‘How many chicken nuggets are too many chicken nuggets? The answers to these questions are no, yes and more than you think. The fact…

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Masterminds Retreat: How To Run One

Does anyone even really know what masterminds are? It’s kind of a weird word (and it sounds SLIGHTLY wanky in my opinion) but what it means is a bunch of business people or solopreneurs who band together in a group to support each in their businesses/cry together in a corner while drinking heavily. Running a…

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7 Fun Email Autoresponder Ideas

Email autoresponders are like the call waiting of the online business world. When you get sent an email auto-reply, it’s exactly like when a call operator says ‘Can I put you on hold?’ and then just does it without even waiting for a reply. Rude. Email autoresponders are dead useful though, especially for business owners.…

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5 Ways To Tell If You’re A Sage Archetype

Do you sometimes scroll through Instagram and see image after image of perky online business owners with positivity and love figuratively pouring out their eyeballs? Do you sometimes wonder if you need to re-adjust your schtick so you’re a bit more bright-eyed and dreamy? Perhaps that will make you attract more customers. Wrong. Well, possibly…

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5 Ways To Tell If You’re A Lover Archetype

Have you ever watched a video of a neglected mum-dog being reunited with her puppies on Facebook, shared it with all your friends and then been devastated at how many people just watched it, said ‘So sweet!’ and then just went back to living their lives like they didn’t just witness a miracle of the…

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5 Ways To Tell If You’re A Jester Archetype

Have you ever looked at businesses in general and thought ‘Where the frock is all the personality???’ Many business experts will suggest playing it safe with business branding and copywriting which makes most businesses blend into one big, monotonous sea of tame sales copy and lame branding. If you get way too excited when you…

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5 Reasons Why You Need An Online Business Manager

If you’re in the online business world (which you most likely are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) you probably get told several times a day what you ‘need’ for your business. Systems, people to outsource to, a virtual assistant, a full time a masseuse, an office happiness animal (actually you should definitely get one…

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