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What Can A Branding Service Do For Your Business?

‘Branding service’ is one of those weird phrases you’ll stumble across when you first start out in the online entrepreneur world. You’ll probably see it and think ‘What even is that? Do I need it? Hold me.’ Stress less, sweet cinnamon roll, as all will be explained. Branding services exist to help people create a…

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7 Fun Email Autoresponder Ideas

Email autoresponders are like the call waiting of the online business world. When you get sent an email auto-reply, it’s exactly like when a call operator says ‘Can I put you on hold?’ and then just does it without even waiting for a reply. Rude. Email autoresponders are dead useful though, especially for business owners.…

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5 Ways To Tell If You’re a Creator Archetype

It’s lunchtime on a weekday, and you’re scrolling through Instagram and feeling like shit. Everyone else seems to have their branding entirely nailed, and you feel like you’re flinging ideas at the wall and hoping they stick. You want to do some kind of branding training because all those perky women with rich girl hair…

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9 Killer Ideas To Help Build Your Email List

Urgh. The dreaded email list. It’s such a necessary beast that you have to continually feed to keep working. Unfortunately, it’s essential for the running of an online business. You also can’t just build it up and then stop and think ‘Sweet! Done!’. Nope. Your email list will lose about 20% of its efficacy every…

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How To Choose A Colour Palette For Your Business

Choosing your colour palette for your business isn’t like being a little kid at the toy shop and screaming ‘I WANT A PURPLE ONE!’ because you like purple. It’s a touch more complicated than that. Colours are very powerful, and when people look at them, they can feel certain emotions. Emotions that make them happy…

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Brand Archetypes: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Know Yours Now

Have you ever worked in a corporate environment? These days, the moment you step in the door you’ll be given a Myers-Briggs/DISC/Four Tendencies personality archetype quiz before they even offer you a cup of coffee. Giving you a brand archetype of INFJ/Dictator/Upholder will be a higher priority than getting your bank details to HR. Most…

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5 Pieces of Business Copy You Keep Forgetting To Update

Here are two really embarrassing questions you probably don’t want to answer, but I’m going to ask anyway… 1. Who was your first celebrity crush? If the answer isn’t Dieter Brummer, we can’t be friends. 2. What does your about page say? Any ideas at all? Don’t click on it! That ruins the game. If…

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Is There A Market For Your Business Idea?

Truth bomb: Businesses only succeed if there’s a market for them. It’s a comforting but also slightly terrifying reality. Oprah once said ‘If a man wants you, nothing will keep him away. If he doesn’t want you, nothing will make him stay.’ This advice is specifically crafted for Bridget Jones-esque ladies burying their sorrows in…

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9 Super Effective Ways To Get Popular Online

Unfortunately, being popular online is slightly more difficult than being popular in high school. It takes more than a second-hand Corolla, a pony-tailed boyfriend and a massive CD collection to gain notoriety in the online entrepreneurial world. Annoying right? If only a Rachel Hair Cut and a pair of 501s would solve your business woes.…

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