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The Uncaged Life

About Becca

Meet Rebecca Tracey - the business coach behind The Uncaged Life! She specialises in working with female business owners who are new to the game. #brave

She came to us to get new branding for the epic ecourse she was running VIA EMAIL AND GOOGLE DOCS.

Yup - you read that right. We love this for so many reasons.

  1. Course updates (and rebuilds) work best on a fully developed and tested product.
  2. The fact that she had already created a course meant the process was bound to be easier for us!

We worked with Becca over many months to completely rebrand, redesign, and rebuild her website. Then, we designed and developed her membership site on WordPress using AccessAlly.


Well we want to make YOU look good!

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Becca is "the outdoors type" and wanted a brand that referenced that, as well as looking fresh and modern.

We created a branding package for The Uncaged Life that feels a little wild, with touches of nature through the colour palette and textures.

She loved it so much that she decorated her apartment in a very similar way!  #winwin


We created a custom design on WordPress using Beaver Builder for a website that would house Becca's numerous offers, sales pages, and opt-ins.

Think it'll be easy to resist handing over your email address, and possibly even running off into the jungle with wild abandon?

Think again.

The Uncaged Life website accessally designs rebecca tracey 2


Well we want to make YOU look good!

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Membership content shouldn't live in a cage, but it should be organised in a clever, accessible way.

Using Becca's new branding, we created the Uncage Your Business platform using AccessAlly, WordPress, Beaver Builder, and Ontraport.

The Uncaged Life membership site


We set up beautiful templates for Becca to use for Powerpoint presentations in her course, and course workbooks in Google Docs. They're wildly easy to use and edit.


I worked with Ellissa to do a full rebrand on my website over at Uncaged. I was SO nervous, because I have an already established brand, but it never quite felt like ME, and I wanted to make sure this re-brand really nailed it (no pressure!). But OMG -- Ellissa and her team were amazing!

She immediately understood me and my brand and was able to magically transform all my ramblings into a visual brand board that was exactly what I had been imagining in my head. She was amazing with response time and communication, and not only keeping deadlines but working faster than them!

I looooove the way she builds sites too - it's so easy to change on the backend and add new things without having to run back to them every time I need a new design element - me and my team can do it all ourselves now! LOVE! I can't recommend Ellissa enough!

Thanks lovely, you are amazing!!

Rebecca Tracey


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