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About Lisa

Over the years, we've built 7 sites with Lisa Corduff.

Lisa started as a wholefoods educator who built a loyal following and created multiple products under the brands "Lisa Corduff in the Kitchen", "Small Steps to Wholefoods", "Small Steps to Fermenting", and then later as Lisa Corduff (Business and Video Coach) and Small Steps to Living (which combined her earlier brands relating to wholefoods and healthy living, and has since expanded into mindfullness and personal development).


Well we want to make YOU look good!

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The Small Steps Living brand is fun, accessible and down to earth.  Lisa's motto is "Keep it Real", so her brand was to look a little rough about the edges and comfortable.  Denim textures, notebook paper, paint marks and some rustic fonts enabled us to create this fun vibe for her.


Lisa's membership is a hub for 6 courses, and an ongoing membership program (Small Steps Living).

We were able to create different looks for each of her courses, preserving the styling of some older products she had developed and creating a flexible platform that could adapt to the plans she had to expand on her body of work in the future.

Created on WordPress with Beaver Builder, AccessAlly and Ontraport.

Lisa Corduff website


Well we want to make YOU look good!

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We've had lots of fun working with Lisa's brand for the past 5 years.  During this time we have created calendars, stationary, cook books, powerpoint presentations, multiple logos, sales pages, membership sites, social media branding, printables and a manifesto!


Without Ellissa on my team from the very beginning, I often wonder if my voice would have made an impact. The interwebs is a busy place and while I knew I had something important to say, I knew that was only half the story!

Over the past three years she has built me two websites, two membership sites, two online courses a bajillion sales pages, sexy ebooks, printable stationary - the list goes on (believe goes on!)

And every single time, I've been blown away.

Because she just gets me and she helps my message stand out.

Not only that she has this freaky ability to cut right through my airy-fairy ideas and make them concrete, consumer-friendly and sellable!

In a world where top-notch service providers are hard to find, it's with complete confidence that I say - get Ellissa on your team!

Best investment ever.

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