Rebecca Sparrow
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Rebecca Sparrow

About Rebecca

Rebecca Sparrow is a renowned Australian Author, podcaster and advocate for tween and teenage girls.

When she came to us in 2018 she had an old (like - really, REALLY old), unresponsive WordPress site that she had been using for years and no email list but she did have over 20k followers on Facebook.  Bec was a known and trusted personality - but her website was letting her down big time.

Her instructions were to make her site a haven for teen and tween girls - but DON'T MAKE IT CRINGEY AND SALESY. We'd never do that to you, Bec Sparrow.




Well we want to make YOU look good!

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So what to do with this tween/teen whisperers website? We went with a fun, stationary obsessed 11-year-old kind of vibe for her brand.  It needed to appeal to mums and their daughters, so there is a bit of an 80s throwback theme for the mums partnered with a fresh Kikki K style for the daughters.

Her colour palette is strong and bright as we want her 'customers' (Tween and teen girls) to feel empowered and not like wallflowers.


Bec's website now showcases her writing and book accomplishments, as well as giving away loads of free resources and promoting her Signature Course - The Lighthouse Plan.

Bec has gone from a list of basically zero to over 3500 in a matter of months. Mainly because her website now looks legit and not like a parked pipedream from 2012.

brand lab essentials accessally designs rebecca sparrow
Rebecca Sparrow website mockup


Well we want to make YOU look good!

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Her gorgeous membership platform is the love child of AccessAlly, WordPress, Active Campaign, Beaver Builder and some ninja design chops.

Once we set it all up, Bec can do simple changes without needing to get a tech wizard on the phone every time she wants to update her headshot or add an event announcement.

accessally designers bec sparrow 2


As a speaker, Bec was emailing out word docs to event attendees.  We gave those documents a bit of spruce up, as well as setting up a system where meeting attendees can optin in for the resources.  We've also turned several of her articles into fancy looking ebooks that can be used as optins, bonuses and freebies.

"The fact you’re reading this means you’ve already won because you’ve found Ellissa and her team. Get excited!"

In 2018 I was running myself into the ground visiting schools and doing speaking engagements. I was exhausted and wanted to find a smarter, more effective way to do the work I love. Ellissa has transformed my business. She created a website that wows every visitor and even better than that — she  helped take what I do online. It has been nothing short of magic.  Now I’m reaching MORE people without having to be there in person freeing up my time to work on the things I truly love AND spend more time with my family.  Best of all, I’m earning a six-figure income without needing to get out of my pjs!
Ellissa and her team are magicians. You’ve found them — now let them help you change the way you work. You won’t look back, I promise.


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