Nev Harris
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Nev Harris

About Nev

Nev Harris is a money maven. His business is to help OTHER businesses be less scared of their money.

We love working with Nev - his brand is strong, funny and to the point. Fluff-free and direct - just the way money talk should be.

This was an interesting brief for us as we usually don't tend to attract male and finance clientele but here's what we put together for Nev and his money making empire.


Well we want to make YOU look good!

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Money is an interesting subject matter for designers. It can bring up positive and negative emotions in potential customers so it's important to tread carefully.

We went with a strong palette of navy, blue, gold and stone for Nev's brand.

We wanted the vibe to be constructional and give the potential customer the inspiration to build their business on solid foundations of gold.

Watch out Richard Branson... Nev Harris' team is coming for you.


For Nev's membership site we went with powerful and simple.

Easy navigation with modules that Nev can make basic tweaks on himself without having to run to us for every little detail.

Ease of access for customers was a big priority for Nev so we made sure everything was easy to understand with no hidden screens or complicated entry points.

Nev wanted his customers making money ASAP and didn't want an overly complicated website stopping him from doing that.


brand lab essentials accessally NT membership site


Well we want to make YOU look good!

Book a call to find out how we can help.



We did a rebrand for Nev which included creating templates for sales pages, full website redesign and membership site creation for his online course.

Nev wanted us to create the frame of his website so he could just slip in his own content, make easy updates and concentrate on his actual job - helping people with small businesses make cold hard cash consistently.

He wanted to start making money straight away (and who doesn't?) so we also wrote his sales funnel emails and nurture sequences.

Nev Harris membership site


  • Nev's site is built on WordPress using Beaver Builder and a custom design by Flourish Online.
  • His membership is powered by AccessAlly (PS:  Did you know we are certified AccessAlly partners?  Read more about it here.)


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