Case Study

Jennifer Sakowski

ABOUT Jennifer Sakowski

Honestly, we just love working with women like Jen.

She's fun, she's real, she's honest (and doesn't make us use silly fancy language on her website - bonza!)

When she came to us she wanted something eye-catching, cute and no-nonsense. Her target demographic is busy working mums (moms) with hustle and no one wants to piss them off by wasting their time.

Have you ever tried to pick up a kid from school at the same time as everyone else? It's terrifying. If you want to work with hustling mothers, you can't dick around.

Here's what we did for Jen and her (quite frankly) terrifying customers....


Hot pink and gold are the feature colours for Jen's bold brand with lighter pinks, marbles and greys thrown in for fancy pants times.

When Jen's customers visit her site we want them to think 'Yes! I'm a badass business bitch but I also like to party!'

Like when you put very affordable and tasty prosecco in crystal champagne flutes. It's luxe, but realistic.


With the aforementioned terrifying customers in mind, we kept the design super simple and easy to navigate.

With busy mothers as the target demographic, we have to assume they're going to jump up at any moment to stop their toddler toppling off the couch or to confiscate the matches before their ten-year-old sets the house on fire.

Everything has to be accessible in less time than it takes for a child-led disaster to occur. That was our main motto when working on Jen's site.

JS - Website Mockup



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