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About EMMA

Emma Bell is a communication expert. Basically, she will help you find your best way of communicating and give you the confidence and tools you need to reach your potential clients in a way that feels authentic and not at all icky.

Having to communicate (visually) on behalf of a professional communicator was a scary task but armed with plenty of coffee (and a vague promise of an after-work glass of wine) here's what we came up with...



For Emma, we wanted to convey her unique message. Calm confidence. We reckon it's a ballet dancer thing. With good posture, you can take over the world.

We chose jewel-toned blue and coral with accents of a deep mustard gold. Classic fonts complete the classic feel of this definitive website.

With this redesign, we wanted to be quietly assertive and make sure nothing in the design looked like it happened by accident. Calm control - like the perfect plié.



Emma Brandboard



Emma needed a hub where her clients (mainly women) could find a place to develop their voice and become the best communicators for their business.

So we didn't want to clutter up the website with useless information and clunky navigation.

When potential clients visit Emma's site they can access her courses, blog, and resources with a simple click.





We put together a comprehensive collateral pack for Emma so everything she does has a cohesive feel to it.

There's no point in having a super schmick website when your course downloads look like they photocopied out of a textbook from the 80s.




  • Emma booked a Brand Express package with us so they could get up and running with their business idea ASAP
  • Their site is built on WordPress using Beaver Builder and a custom design by Flourish Online


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