Case Study

Dance Studio Owners Association

About DSOA

DSOA (Dance Studio Owners Association) is a hub for over 900 dance studio owners.

Their mission is simple. They give dance studio owners the tools and resources they need to grow their studios into wildly successful, money-making machines.

The thing is... dancers and dance teachers are good at, well... dancing. Websites... not so much.

That's where we come in. DSOA wanted something easy, punchy and simple to navigate. Cha-cha your way on down the page to see how we waltzed into this client request.

Dance puns are fun. JAZZ HANDS!!!


Fun fact - dancers are kinesthetic learners which means they learn through movement. Something that is notoriously difficult to convey in a website, am I right?

We used bold, primary brights as the base palette of this redesign and modern fonts to give a punchy, fast-paced feel to the site.

The logo was designed using continuous line flow to evoke feelings of movement and the italicised accent font gives motion to the overall design.

Kind of like a pop music album cover. Back when album covers were more of a thing.


DSOA Brandboard no font


Our client (whose name is Clint which is 'client' spelled without the 'e') wanted something simple and easy to navigate.

He also didn't want something that was going to take ages to update. He has WAY more important things to do than that.

We used a clean design and super straight forward navigation.

Clear calls to action and easy course access were also high priorities.

Give me a Y! Give me an A! Give me a Y! YAY!

Hang on that's cheerleading... lost our way on those dance puns there.



If you run a business, you NEED collateral especially if you run events like DSOA does. We don't need our clients (Clints) handing out business cards that look like they got them printed in a machine at the mall.

Using the same bold colour palette we put together collateral for DSOA to use in their handouts, downloads, workbooks, and flyers.

It's a detail that often gets overlooked but will really give your business a polished look. Like a perfectly synced chorus line.

Dance puns are out. Dance similies are in. You heard it here first.






But... let's talk about you!

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We look forward to knowing more about you!