Case Study

Dr. Kristy Goodwin

About Dr. Kristy

Dr. Kristy is a Digital Health and Wellbeing Expert for Organisations, Schools and Parents.

When she came to us, she had a site that she had outgrown.  Her main wish was to elevate her branding and site so that it reflected her professional status.  She had a new book coming out, and lots of media interest.  It was time to have a web presence that looked legit and professional - instead of a sad old site full of broken links and headshots with her 2009 hair.


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Dr. Kristy wanted a brand that was professional and fun.  It needed to stand out amongst the other Digital and Wellbeing Experts in the space, who tended to go for more of a corporate look.

Kristy lives by the ocean, and has a laid back, down to earth vibe.  Her brand was to be Vogue-meets-the beach.  Chilled and Stylish. Like Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz.


Kristy's site was an exercise in repositioning as she went from a consultant to published author and media personality. That's a whole different kettle of fish.

The site needed to balance her mix of published books, speaking gigs, online courses, free resources and appeal to parents and corporate institutions.

Built on WordPress, the site is extremely user-friendly so Kristy can make small changes without having to call us in a panic because she needs to add an urgent optin page for a TV interview tomorrow.



Well we want to make YOU look good!

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Dr. Kristy's online products are delivered via AccessAlly, Active Campaign, and housed on a custom design membership portal by us. These programs are very usable and designed to be used by people who aren't tech savvy so they can get with what they do best rather than wasting time trying to get their website header to move two pixels to the left.



As a speaker and an educator, Kristy needed a variety of design collateral. LIttle bits and pieces of copy that look super fancy that can be passed out at events or used as an email sign up teaser.

The feel? We were aiming for a magazine style presentation that was appealing to parents - Professional, but fun, engaging and approachable.

Working with Ellissa was one of the best investments I've made in my business in the last year.  Ellissa absolutely nailed my new digital home and created a brand that truely encapsulates me, as a mum, speaker, researcher and beach-lover.
Before working with Ellissa and her team, I was petrified of wearing new 'brand pants' (I'd got kind of comfy in my old brand pants, even though I knew that they were totally outdated). However, Ellissa was reassuring and helped to guide me throughout the entire process.
She was incredible to work with and I'd have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting to create a new brand identity.
Dr. Kristy Goodwin, Digital Health and Wellbeing Expert


  • Kristy did a custom project with us, and is currently a design partner.
  • Her site is built on WordPress using Beaver Builder and a custom design by Flourish Online.
  • Her membership is powered by AccessAlly (PS:  Did you know we are certified AccessAlly partners?  Read more about it here.)


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