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Denise Duffield-Thomas

About Denise

If you’re an online entrepreneur and you haven’t heard of Denise Duffield-Thomas, you probably need to use the internet more. For real, if you haven’t stumbled across her at some point in your small business journey that’s kind of weird. 
Denise DT is the founder of Lucky Bitch, now Denise Duffield-Thomas, and she’s a money mindset coach. It all started when she used mindset and manifestation techniques to win a HA-UGE competition where she got to travel and re-marry her husband in different exotic locations around the world. She won that competition (obviously)and now teaches women how to not be afraid of money, how to charge what they’re worth and break down those money blocks that are stopping them leading a rich (literally rich) life. 


The most important thing when it comes to branding is truly understanding our client. In Denise’s case, we’ve been working together for years to create the ideal branding message for her, that also speaks to her audience. We’d never try to squeeze a client into a too-small taffeta dress with a matching sparkly hat that makes them look like they’re going to prom in 1973. We’re not your bridezilla cousin. We actually want you to look good because it makes us look good. Win-win. 
We usually start by brainstorming some key words and then using them as cornerstones for our design process. Those fancy design-type words are enticing aren’t they?
Here’s what we came up with for Denise:  
Honest, optimistic, no bullshit with an overall aura of freedom and confidence.  Chillpreneur!
Denise is a beach babe at heart so we always work that into the story we weave for her. Lots of clear, calm imagery and azure blues make up the basis of her branding. Strength and freedom are also important words and using bright whites with calmer blues meld these concepts together seamlessly. 
The vibe for Denise is honest, open and confident. We want freedom chasers to land on her site and say ‘Wow. Look at that freaking goddess… I want to tell her all my secrets.’ 


When designing a website for one of our clients, we always put their audience first. 
A Denise DT gal doesn’t have time to poke around in corners for what she’s looking for. Clear and bright with super simple navigation works for the Denise DT brand. The copy simple and direct. Some brands call for a more floral and poetic vibe in their copy but that’s not Denise. 
She’s frank, genuine and a total straight talker. No need to sugar coat it. 
Denise's brief was "really simple, pretty and chilled".


Membership sites are becoming a whole thing (you heard it here first) so we offer this as a premium service to our clients. 
Denise needed something simple, easy to navigate and editable once we’d set it up for her so she could add modules and bonuses for her members as she needed to. Denise’s expertise lies firmly in the money and mindset game so she doesn’t need to be wasting her time with trying to figure out to use a complicated membership system. 
We set it up, make it fit with the branding and make sure it’s easy for our clients to use. That’s kind of our thing. Making your life easier. 


Don’t know what collateral is? It’s all the extra bits and pieces you need to complete the picture of your branding overhaul. 
Instagram images, social media banners, digital ‘flyers’ to pop on Facebook. These all need to be on brand and they need to fit within the image we’ve created for your brand. 
We use the same colours, fonts and design elements to set you up with a package of collateral items for whatever you need. So that you aren’t calling your 19-year-old niece (who’s halfway through a design course), crying that you need her to make up a graphic for your launch tomorrow. Then you end up with a weird goth/steampunk themed graphic that doesn’t work at all for your florist business. 
Don’t let this happen to you. We’ve got you covered. 
Denise Duffield-Thomas - Flourish Online
Ellissa and I have collaborated on so many amazing web and design projects over the past few years - she's always my to-go girl for anything to do with our digital assets. She's helped upgrade my brand to new heights, beyond what I can dream up myself.
I highly recommend Ellissa to anyone wanting a First Class digital presence. 


  • Denise did a custom project with us, followed by 2 years as a design partner.
  • Her site is built on WordPress using Beaver Builder and a custom design by Flourish Online.
  • Her membership is powered by AccessAlly (PS:  Did you know we are certified AccessAlly partners?  Read more about it here.)


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