Comida Real Kitchen - Edurne Ubani
Case Study


About Comida Real Kitchen

This was one of the most interesting briefs we've ever come across.

The subject is standard: healthy cooking. Got it.

...but the context is a little harder since no one on our team speaks Spanish.

Still, they say maths and design are the same in every language and we heartily agree.

Here's what we did for our wonderful Spanish client.


Well we want to make YOU look good!

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As far as branding goes, this was a piece of (healthy) cake.

Vibrant, beautiful, traditional Spanish menu planning. What a lovely business to build a website for.

The brand is full of traditional, punchy tones - the kind of colours that make you want to bury your face in a giant bowl of homemade salsa.

"Fresh, bright, and dynamic" were our buzz words for this redesign.

Comida Real Kitchen brand board


Comida Real Kitchen has an open/close door membership system so we had to make it super easy for Edurne (the boss) to do herself.

The site is really cruisey to use - no one has time for anything complicated!

All the information is front and centre so potential clients don't have to go searching for it.

Fun and functional. We like it.

Comida Real Kitchen website


Well we want to make YOU look good!

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We specialise in membership sites and every job we do is totally different.

For this menu-planning course, we put together a simple layout with ease of use at the very top of our priority list.

When you're following a recipe and you're up to your elbows in chopped tomatoes and herbs, you don't want to be messing around with complicated membership sites.

We'd never do that to you or your clients.

accessally designers comida real kitchen 2


For a food brand, collateral is like seasoning: absolutely essential.

We put together a package of resources Edurne could use for lead generation, recipes, infographics, and events.

This way, she'll be leaving her mark on every potential customer she comes across (and that mark will be delicious). That's the power of branded collateral!


Working with Ellissa and her team has been the biggest joy and the best decision I have made for my business! I was looking for someone to build my new membership site, and as soon as I laid eyes on her work, my heart told me I had to go with her. My heart was spot on.

The whole process was absolutely seamless, from the start to the very end. I am blown away by how she has been able to nail the branding of my service after really taking the time to get to know me and what I want to convey. It's just perfect!

I know I will not be working with anyone else from here on. I'd be crazy if I did (and so would you!). Choosing Ellissa and her team is definitely the best investment you can make for your online business.

I am so grateful that you exist, Ellissa!

Edurne Ubani, Comida Real Kitchen


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