Case Study

Andrea Tunjic

About Andrea

Andrea is a fabulous coach who teaches people how to get the best out of this thing called life. She focusses on helping people feel less overwhelmed, overworked and lost. Sounds bloody good doesn't it?

Andrea wanted a schmick new website to house her online courses and didn't want the process of updating it to be a stressful pain in the butt.

That's where we came in.


We went with a mature, classic palette for Andrea. Hermes inspired with jewel tones of deep ruby, emerald and sapphire with gold accents thrown in.

Key points for this brief was to create a strong, solid brand to instil a feeling of abundance and security in Andrea's potential customers.

Luxe patterns, textures and fonts are the icing on the cake for this elegant website makeover. When visitors click on Andrea's site and say 'Ooooh fancy!!!', we'll know we nailed it.


As with most of our clients, Andrea just wanted a gorgeous website, that was super easy to use and not a total nightmare to update without step by step assistance. It's a good thing she came to us because that's literally what we do.

We did a full rebrand, re-developed her website and created a usable hub for her multiple courses.

We also gave her sales pages a boost so that potential customers would be whipping out their credit cards faster than you can say 'Sign me up, buttercup!'



Membership sites can be a business owner's worst nightmare - especially ones that require different permissions and open and close carts and all that complicated mumbo jumbo.

We put together a user-friendly, very manageable course hub for Andrea so she can pop her content in (and out) whenever she likes. We also made sure the design was super accommodating so her students don't have a frustrating experience using her products.



Life coaches are always needed in of extra collateral, especially if they run events or have products/books to promote.

We put together a package of Andrea's articles, blog posts and other content into on-brand and very usable ebooks, pamphlets and printables.

Useful right?


  • Andrea did a custom project with us, and is currently a design partner.
  • Her site is built on WordPress using Beaver Builder and a custom design by Flourish Online.
  • Her membership is powered by AccessAlly (PS:  Did you know we are certified AccessAlly partners?  Read more about it here.)


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