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How to Build a Stronger Visual Brand in 3 Easy Steps.

Visual Brand

A clear visual brand is a serious asset – but what if you’re not so clear about how you want to show up online?

If you are suffering from “Brand Confusion”, you are at serious risk of diluting your brand’s message. The problem with that is, you’ll likely miss out on a handful of awesome clients while you’re figuring it out.

I find that when women are starting out in their businesses as solopreneurs, they are often quite confused about what is “their brand” and what is just “their personality”.

Personal branding is about amplification and authenticity, but it’s on your terms! There is no need to show the world every little thing.

That said, you do need to shine a light on the parts of your personality that allow you to deliver your message in the most creative and real way.

However, your VISUAL BRAND is slightly different – this is all the visual elements you use in order to create brand recognition and to promote yourself. Often, I find that beginners are all over the place when it comes to colours, fonts, and language. The problem with that is that it can leave your online presence looking a bit whack and amateur.

Here are three ways to start building a stronger visual brand today

Use the same photo

If you are in the early stages of building your brand, use the same (preferably professional) photo on all social media profiles and your blog profile. It’s all about consistency, and something as simple as using the same photo can make you more recognisable to potential clients. Want more tips on consistency? Listen to our podcast here.

Fall in love with your colour palette

Choose a colour palette of two main colours, one highlight colour, and two tones (shades between black and white). Then, use your main two colours in all documents, images, and social media posts. Want that extra-consistent look? Wear accessories in those colours in your brand photos. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to go out and get yourself a brand new bag.

Focus on two fonts

Switching fonts and experimenting is the easiest way to make yourself look like an amateur.  Pick one fancy font and one clean font, and stick to it!

Beyond ready to strengthen your visual brand?

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This Blog Post is published as part of the 21 Day Blogging Challenge.


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