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Brand Tips for Sage Archetypes

sage brand tips

Life as a sage can feel like one big expedition in search of the truth – and once you have an irresistible brand, others will feel compelled to join you on your journey. Who knows? They might even bring brain food to share. 

But before you go rushing to give all of your knowledge away, there’s something slightly more pressing demanding your attention: 

Your brand. If you’re not attracting the right people (or any people) to your cause, it could be that your brand is ever so slightly misaligned with who you are. 

Ready to make some seriously wise branding decisions? Of course you are! All you need now is the right advice…

Be yourself 

For an archetype with an affinity for truth, the biggest branding mistake you could make is to hide your true self from your community. 

Wanna win a few brownie points with your community? 

Then your next (wise) move is to conduct an authenticity audit on your brand, including the design, copy, and content strategy. Being your true, dog-loving, coriander-hating self is the best way to make your followers feel comfortable doing the same. 

How to do it: Rip off the bandaid! Look through all of your social posts from the past few years and delete anything that no longer represents who you are.

Build your sage credibility

Let’s be real: anyone can put on an expensive pair of reading glasses and a detective’s cap and boost their image IQ by a few hundred points…

But when your community wants answers to their pressing questions, they’ll go to an authority they can trust (glasses optional), and earning that front-of-mind presence requires two things: 

  1. Knowledge (duh) 
  2. Credibility 

Credibility is the magical brand glue that joins your public life with your personal life. It needs time to take hold, but once it sticks, you won’t want to use anything else.  

How to do it: Be prepared for the long haul! Building a credible brand is all about the small steps you take every day to position yourself as a thought leader – steps like these: 

  • Post behind the scenes. Show your audience the substance behind your sage wisdom. 
  • Associate yourself with the right crowd. Collaborate with people who have an envy-inducing reputation for being knowledgeable and trustworthy). 
  • Make like a high school history student and check your sources. False “facts” from Wikipedia won’t get you very far.  

Back it up

Real talk: you can spend all day telling your followers why they should buy from you, but nothing speaks louder than the truth. We’re talking legitimate, doubt-crushing, objection-killing data. 

Boring? Maybe a little. Powerful? Abso-freakin’-lutely. 

Facts are the ultimate sage comeback to objections because…well, you have proof! 

Once you have the research, it’s time to put your content plan to work! Build an intricate web of blogs, complement them with an email campaign, and throw in a few clever social posts for good measure. How very sage of you. 

How to do it: include backlinks to your information sources where appropriate (especially in blogs). This is great for two reasons: 

  1. It boosts your SEO ranking, and…
  2. It lets your readers know that you didn’t just pull a bunch of numbers out of your ear.  

Encourage open discussion  

If our experience of life is rooted in our thoughts, then hearing, understanding, and analysing others’ thoughts is the pathway to a more complete life experience, so encourage it! 

In an ideal world, your social media page would be almost like a digital watering hole where your community could share insights – even if those insights aren’t always positive. 

Understanding and accepting others’ truths is part of the search, and even though feedback can be scary, it will only reinforce the truth and conviction behind your brand. 

How to do it: Invite your community to reply to your emails and comment on your blogs and social media posts. Let them know that you value their contributions and make each interaction valuable. They’ll love you for it! 

Take a cue from explorers 

A sage might prefer to let wisdom brew from the comfort of their desk, but as any true nature-lover will tell you, the natural world is a fabulous teacher.

Being out there will give you the chance to collect real experiences and use them to fuel your content. 

Even if you’re not in a position to travel right now (thanks, COVID!), there’s plenty to be gained from an adventurous internet search.

Information is power, so start sharing it around and building your network! 

How to do it: 

Start your own information source. Try writing a series of blogs about your favourite thought leaders, taking your readers on virtual adventures, or asking them questions within your area of expertise that get them thinking. 

Here’s the bottom line: your brand has the power to completely change how people see you, and by extension, how they see the world. We could pretend like that’s No Big Deal, but deep down, we all know that it’s a Very Big Deal…

So, if you’re ready to embrace your archetype and work smarter (not harder), there’s only one thing to do: click here to find out more about our branding offers.


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