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Brand Tips for Lover Archetypes

lover brand tips

As important missions go, “spreading love” is pretty high on the list, and for Lover archetypes, there’s nothing quite so exhilarating as sending the good stuff to every corner of the world. 

But, before you can get started, there’s something slightly more pressing demanding your attention: 

Your brand. If you’re not attracting the right people (or any people) to your cause, it could be that your brand is ever so slightly misaligned with who you are. 

So, are you ready to grow your influence and love your brand back to life? Of course you are! All you need now is the right advice… 

Draw on your natural ability to love others 

A lover is the kind of person who compliments strangers on their outfits, and there’s something beautiful about that. 

You might not have the time to connect quite so personally with everyone in your community, but there are plenty of ways to make others feel special – and it’s one of the best things you can do for your brand. 

How to do it: Connect with the people in your community in a range of different ways to keep it fresh. Consider reading and responding to comments on your content, showing your face in video content, and interacting with as many people as you can on social media. For bonus points, go the extra mile and send out branded ecards for your followers’ birthdays. 

Show your Lover loyalty 

Long-term customers are the lifeblood of every business. They pay your bills, advocate on your behalf, and write kick-ass testimonials for your website (complete with headshots).  

What’s not to love? 

Exactly, nothing – and if you love your loyal customers as much as we do, it’s never too late (or too early) to show them! 

How to do it: Give out special VIP discounts for long-term customers on the anniversary of their sign-up. Don’t panic – you don’t need to remember every individual date. That’s what automation is for. 

Be vulnerable 

Real talk: when things don’t go your way, it sucks. Big time. 

Lover archetypes get such intense cases of The Feels that even little things (like someone telling you that they just don’t *get* your obsession with John Mayer) can turn into a major upset. 

You take your personal relationships and passions seriously, and even if the average person can’t relate, your lover community will – which is all the more reason to whip out the camera and share the love.  

How to do it: Create videos or blog posts about the emotional peaks and troughs in your life and how you dealt with them. Maybe you lost a job you loved, or your boyfriend broke up with you on your birthday (jerk). The best thing you can do now is to embrace these learning experiences for what they were and encourage your community to do the same.  

Walk your talk

Sad news: it turns out that bringing the romance and spice back into your life requires more than an investment in a new cinnamon-scented candle and a once-over of an old Cosmo magazine. 

Being a Lover is a full-time job, but it shouldn’t feel like one – not when you take the time to show yourself a little (PG) loving. 

That might mean something as simple as…

  • Buying yourself flowers (no judgment), uploading a picture to Instagram, and encouraging your followers to do the same. 
  • Creating a self-love meditation and releasing it to your community. 
  • Designing an awesome new template for your Instagram posts (or getting someone else to do it for you) and sharing a few tips for soaking up the beauty of everyday life. 

How to do it: Share your tips for soaking up the beauty in everyday life on your blog, and inspire your community to do the same for their followers. Now, that’s what we call spreading the love!  

Get your inner seductress on 

It is said that when Lover archetypes attract customers, it’s a seduction, not a victory. 

You’re not winning a battle so much as luring the perfect people over to your side (which also happens to be the side with the puppies and candyfloss – #winning) but this version of seduction is a bit different from what you’ve seen in movies. 

(Translation: You don’t need to wear a revealing red dress or practice pick-up lines from old movies.)

What you do need to do is show your potential customers that you get them, and you care about the challenges they’re facing. They’ll love you for it – promise! 

How to do it: Tailor your copy to the specific challenges that each of your potential customers is facing. This is a great idea for two reasons: 

  1. They’ll feel like you get them. 
  2. Once they see you as someone who has walked their path, they’ll be more interested in the solution you’re offering and how it could help them.

Here’s the bottom line: your brand has the power to completely change how people see you, and by extension, how they see the world. We could pretend like that’s No Big Deal, but deep down, we all know that it’s a Very Big Deal…

So, Lover archetypes, if your branding is looking a little worse for wear, know that you don’t have to keep sitting on the sidelines like a dateless girl at the school formal. Grab your own damn corsage and click here to find out more about our branding offers.


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