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Brand Tips for Healer Archetypes

healer brand tips

Being a healer at heart leaves you with a long to-do list: what other archetype would take on the task of resolving hunger and eradicating poverty and still have time to get dinner together? 

But, before you can start healing the world, there’s something slightly more pressing demanding your attention: 

Your brand. If you’re not attracting the right people (or any people) to your cause, it could be that your brand is ever so slightly misaligned with who you are. 

Ready to grow your influence and heal your own branding boo-boos? Of course you are! All you need now is a few helpful “Healer Brand Tips”… 

Be visually present as the business owner 

If you’re camera-shy, this next paragraph might make you nervous, but it’s important. 

In the world of personal branding, you are your business and your business is you, and it’s high time that the two of you got in front of the camera!

Besides, people who fall within the healer archetype live and die by that personal touch, so don’t be afraid of your close-up. 

How to do it: Show your face in photos and video content on social media – even if it feels corny/embarrassing/awkward/[insert negative adjective here] – and you’ll develop a reputation as a positive, trustworthy example. Who knows? You might even manage to turn a few skeptics into believers in the process. 

Show behind the scenes

The only branding tool more effective than a really well-placed selfie is a real-life shot of you making some magic happen, so don’t miss the opportunity to create some BTS content!

Fill your quota for inspirational and nurturing content with photos or videos of you following your own (repeatable) advice, working with your team, and even taking a few nourishing breaks. Your followers will love that you’re a real person who leads by example, and they’ll find it a natural progression to trust in your advice. 

How to do it: post at least one photo from your daily life on your Instagram and Facebook profiles each week. Consistency is key!

Back it up with facts

Real talk: you can spend all day telling your followers why they should buy from you, but nothing speaks louder than facts. We’re talking legitimate, doubt-crushing, objection-killing data. 

Boring? Maybe a little. Powerful? Abso-freakin’-lutely. 

Facts are the ultimate comeback to objections because…well, you have proof! And there’s only thing more persuasive than an indomitable fact fortress: 

A glowing testimonial! Which, when you think about it, is just a fact pulled directly from the brains of your biggest fans. 

Put the two together and you’ll have a recipe for success. 

How to do it: include backlinks to your information sources where appropriate (especially in blogs). This is great for two reasons: 

  1. It boosts your SEO ranking, and..
  2. It lets your readers know that you didn’t just pull a bunch of numbers out of your ear.  

Choose calming and nourishing visuals

Q: Is there any better remedy for a hard day than a pretty picture? 

A: Not if you ask the millions of people who follow influencers and puppies on Instagram. 

There may be a distinct lack of influencers or puppies in your brand assets, but the design of your website or membership platform is still a powerful force for good – especially when you consider that you have less than a second to make a first impression on your website visitors. 

Make them feel something positive in that flicker of light, and you’ll have a far better chance of getting them hooked on your healing powers. 

How to do it: research colours, imagery, and words that people associate with calmness and clarity. Choose the ones that feel like “you” and work them into your design.  

Here’s the bottom line: your brand has the power to completely change how people see you, and by extension, how they see the world. We could pretend like that’s No Big Deal, but deep down, we all know that it’s a Very Big Deal…

So, if your branding is looking a little worse for wear, know that you don’t have to carry on limping down this road, trying in vain to wave customers down as they drive past you. Just click here to find out more about our branding offers. 


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