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Brand Tips for Explorer Archetypes

explorer brand tips

Life as an explorer is never boring. There’s so much to see and do that sleep becomes an afterthought – something to get around to after the next three holidays you have booked. 

But, if you want your financial prospects to be there when you get back from your next trip, there’s something slightly more pressing demanding your attention: 

Your brand. If you’re not attracting the right people (or any people) to your cause, it could be that your brand is ever so slightly misaligned with who you are. 

Ready to explore your thoughts and feelings, grow your influence, and create a new map for the future of your brand? Of course you are! All you need now is the right advice… 

Walk your talk 

Let’s be honest: sometimes adventures aren’t all that.

Sometimes you end up with a leak in your tent during a storm, or a wild bandicoot gets into your store cupboard of snacks – and sometimes you just blow a tyre on your way to the shopping centre. 

Imperfection is part of the price you pay for being amongst the magic of the real world, so embrace it. 

Take your explorer community along on your adventures and show them that you’re the real deal! Expand their worldview with boundary-bending content, and you’ll have a pack for life. 

How to do it: Let your community in on your behind-the-scenes with candid shots (#nofilter) and live video calls in the thick of the adventure. 

Follow your nose 

When you’re used to being the leader of your own pack, it’s only natural that you develop a strong instinct, so use it! 

Listen to your inner voice for guidance on your brand, content, and any other facet of your business, and you’ll be encouraging your followers to do the same. 

Start exploring the issues that really matter to you and you’ll connect with the people you’re meant to serve almost automatically. 

How to do it: Give yourself the time and space to sit with your thoughts and ideas. There’s a good chance that your mind already knows where you should go next, so whenever you feel lost, take a moment to brainstorm new ideas and, if you need to, try them out on someone you trust.  

Take input from your community 

Being an explorer of the world is an exciting mission, but it can also be pretty lonely.

If you see yourself as a “lone wolf”, it will be harder to connect with the people you’re meant to serve, so don’t be afraid to reach out! 

We all love to feel like our opinions and knowledge are valued, so don’t waste an opportunity to spread that feeling. Your combined life experiences will make for an invaluable community experience. 

How to do it: Put the feelers out on social media and get your fellow explorers to share some of the best insights they have found. Your content will become a source of inspiration and ideas for many, and in return, your readers will show your brand the international love it deserves.

Choose projects carefully 

You have a tendency to come out with new project ideas on the regular, chopping and changing and maybe not getting as much done as you’d like. 

The best way to show your community that you’re in control is to choose your projects carefully – go for things you know you can follow through on. 

How to do it: Get a gauge on the kind of projects you actually want to do so that you know you’ll have the energy to finish it. 

Here’s the bottom line: your brand has the power to completely change how people see you, and by extension, how they see the world. We could pretend like that’s No Big Deal, but deep down, every explorer knows that it’s a Very Big Deal…

So, if your branding is looking a little worse for wear, know that you don’t have to carry on wandering around in the dark and waiting for your community to find you. Just click here to find out more about our branding offers. 


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