Getting your brand right

 doesn't have to drive you to the drink

(Although you might want one to celebrate!)

But not getting it right can keep you stuck in a

branding rut.

These days, not only do we have to be amazing at our jobs, but we also have to be our own brands. This can add major stress to the daily grind of running a business - and it can also be pretty damn confusing!

You're a copywriter / blogger / psychologist / coach. How are you supposed to know what brand personality you should have or what font combo to use?

Should you be posting pics of your kids on your business page? Should you rebrand under your own name? Do you need to have a professional photoshoot? Would a rebrand be a good investment at this stage of the game?

These are questions we hear all the time, and they are good ones.  But the answers all depend on who you are, your business goals, and where you're at on your business journey.

THE TRUTH IS:  a brand isn’t something that happens accidentally.

Not accidental

Not accidental

Not accidental

Not accidental

At least, not a good brand.

A brand is something that you need to get strategic about – it’s that extra something that turns you from just another online blog, biz or coach into an identity people can connect with.

But, if you're in your first 2 years of business, chances are that you don’t have thousands to spend on getting the branding and design of your dreams.


"If you're anything like the amazing women I work with in my Brand Lab - you’ve got high standards, and you know the value of crafting a unique identity from day one.

And I know that an ugly / embarrassing / "insert negative feeling about your branding here" brand stops you from:

  • Feeling good about sending people to your site, so you stop promoting.
  • Feeling confident that you're worthy / professional enough, and so you stop marketing.
  • Feeling engaged and excited about your content, so you stop creating.

Being stuck in a brand rut, costs you money and keeps you playing small.

You can get the results (and the moolah) that you’ve been craving.

You’ve just gotta get past this awkward brand phase first."

Ellissa Nagle

Creative Director, Flourish Online

We get it: you’re a coach/blogger/solopreneur - NOT a brand strategist and designer - so we created a quick, easy fix to help you move through this annoying brand phase!

Enter the Brand Re-Alignment Sessions

The essentials that YOU and your starter business need to:
Unlock YOUR brand

I'll help you find your voice, visuals, and personality, plus the blocks that are keeping you stagnated.

Get strategic

We'll talk through an easy-to-implement plan to strategically position you as a leader in your industry.

Transform your image

A brand you're not proud of costs you money.  I'll help you move into something that’s aligned, inspired, and a total ‘Hell Yes!’ to both you AND your clients.


having a Brand Strategist (who normally charges thousands) to help you unlock a new vision for your brand, and then break it all down step by step so you can transform your online identity.

Thank you SO much for your time today Ellissa. It was far more than just useful, you really helped clarify the whole process for us, where we are in that journey, what our next steps need to be and also helped us realise we have a long way to go before The Belief Switch becomes an online course. We’re both also now feeling very certain it will end up looking vastly different to how we are both currently envisioning it. That awareness is so valuable to have now before we start investing in getting it online.

We’re feeling very clear that those 3 steps you listed are our number 1 priority and we need to stop all else (e-course wise) until we have that sorted. That alone has brought both of us great clarity, focus and relief!

We both LOVE the mood board you created for us. Love the tweaks you’ve made to our colour palette. Thank you so much."

Amy and Michael Harrison

What it Includes:

60 min One On One Brand Strategy Session with Ellissa:

Diving to the heart of what you are about, where you want to be in 6 months and how you want it to look and feel. Not sure what to call your new offer? Gone all font crazy and now everything is looking messy and unprofessional? Use this session to pick Ellissa's brain and get clear on what to let go and what to focus on.

Brand Vision Mood Board:

We'll create a mood board for you, including a colour palette, font selection and patterns from our stock libraries that you can use to DIY OR to brief your designer.

15 min Website review (recorded)

You’ll get a video of our team reviewing your website, focussing on areas to fix now and quick tips to elevate your existing presence.

Brand Action Plan:

You’ll get a one page Brand Plan with an easy to implement step-by-step plan for the following 3 months to up-level your brand using free or low cost tools.


Ellissa helped me not only get clear on what my vision for my rebrand was, but who my audience was, what they needed from me, and how I could meet them at each point of their journey through my site. She then guided me with brand inspiration, lay out ideas, and new brand colours, as well as intuitively tapping into new ideas to grow even more.

She has a sixth sense for understanding audiences, and I know my vision for my business will now come to fruition.

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

A Brand Re-Alignment Session is for you if:

  • You've got major brand confusion, you don't know how to brand yourself and it's crippling your business.
  • You need help naming an offer, a product or an event and need some strategic outside eyes.
  • You've been DIYing and everything is a mess, but you don't have the funds for a full rebrand.
  • You're new to the online world and wondering how to make your offline skills work here.
  • You want to move in a new direction but it feels too hard, and you don't know how to start.
  • You've been working with another design team, but it feels off and you don't know why.
  • You need some help starting your DIY project.
  • You're creating an online course and need advice on how to make it all work.



You feel like everything is all over the place and you just need someone to help you connect the dots.

Are you ready to get our of your brand rut and move into a more aligned, happier brand space?

If you understand the value of good branding but need an affordable path to creating a high-quality online identity AND are ready to get in there and get your hands dirty to make. it. happen. for yourself, I want to work with you.
The investment is only $597 USD (+GST for Aus residents) and will save you thousands in wasted time and designer fees. Gold!

Lis sees the bigger picture and breaks it all down into bite-size pieces that are doable, and best of all she holds you accountable. Lis offers the expertise of a business coach, web developer & graphic designer all in one!

I would sign up to work with Lis again in a heartbeat. She is a genuine soulful women & mama, filled with passion for what she does and an absolute delight to work with.

Natalie Trusler