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Did you know: How to change the date in a blog post?

By flourishonline | Aug 1, 2014

  Here is a great tip in the case that you are wanting to backdate blog posts, or set blog posts to publish in the future.  No plugins required! This is great if you are scheduling posts to happen while you are away, or – god forbid- you ever get ahead of your blog posts…

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5 Free Font Combinations you will LOVE

By flourishonline | Jul 31, 2014

Combination One: Pacifico and Noto Sans Heading Font:  Pacifico (Google Fonts) Body Text:  Noto Sans (Google Fonts) Mood:  Feminine but business-like. Why it rocks:  Pacifico is a nice feminine font, that is still strong – so it displays well on the web. To balance the curliness of Pacifico, Noto sans is a nice and simple…

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How to Build a Stronger Visual Brand in 3 Easy Steps.

By flourishonline | Jul 29, 2014

Personal Branding and Brand Confusion If you are suffering from “Brand Confusion” you are at serious risk of diluting your brands message and missing out on awesome clients! I find that when women are starting out in their businesses as a solo-preneur, they are often quite confused about what is “their brand” and what is…

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She’s On Fire: An interview with Belinda Whelan

By flourishonline | Jul 25, 2014

Belinda Whelan is a Health Coach and Blogger from Healthy, Loving Life.  She loves helping brilliant women create their perfect lives, by guiding them to discover their outright ultimate version of themselves. [sws_grey_box box_size=”auto”] I designed Belinda’s website in 2013 – taking her from an ugly IIN site to a beautiful website that reflected her personality.…

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What pages do I need on my Website?

By flourishonline | Jul 24, 2014

The number one reason that your website project might stall is because you freak out when it comes to writing your content. I’m not kidding. Clients spend hours on pinterest, browsing the internet for other sites for inspiration and dreaming in their head what everything is going to look like…but when it gets to actually…

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Ten Random Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

By flourishonline | Jul 22, 2014

1)  My favourite artist is Yves Klein. His photograph “Leap into the void” and his “Anthropométries” work blew my mind as a 16 year old and opened up a way of thinking that I never knew existed.  An exhibition of nothing?  Pure genius.  Naming a colour after yourself?  Why didn’t I think of that!  The…

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