Can I tell you

a story?
Did you know

That when race horses travel in floats they often get really stressed out? When they find themselves in unfamiliar territory, they freeze, usually to the point where they can’t race. To combat this, their trainers will often give them an Emotional Support Pony to keep them company on their journey. These little ponies just chill in the back and they’re all ‘You’re cool, bro. Can I get you a herbal tea? Do you need a massage? Sure, I can sing you a little Enya.’


Take a moment to recover from the unbearable cuteness of that whole situation.

We’ll wait.

Layer 1

we’re like an Emotional (Tech) Support Pony for your website, although admittedly probably not as cute.

We just can’t compete with those stumpy little legs and the majestic Bambi eyelashes that, quite frankly, should be illegal. Cuteness aside, we are JUST as useful though.


The problem we see again and again with online entrepreneurs is how they get in their own way, especially when it comes to websites.

You know what really gets our goat? Web companies that claim it’s super easy to make your own website. If you have a static site, with basic pages that require minimal maintenance then sure. Go for it. Websites like these are the goldfish of the internet; the pet your parents buy you when they’re trying to stall getting you a puppy.

But what if you want to add a video? Or a members section? Or some course work? Or a shop that needs constant re-stocking? Remember Christmas in 1985? A goldfish isn’t even close to being a suitable alternative to a puppy (note to parents everywhere: you’re not fooling us), likewise, a basic handmade website isn’t going to get you the business results you want. It’s just going sit there and blink at you in a bowl of water. 

Sound familiar?

If you go down that path you end up Googling ‘How to install Notoriously Difficult Plug-in’ and the step-by-step pictures in the article don’t look anything like your WordPress dashboard. You end up clicking around for four hours before giving up and crying in a heap on the floor. You decide you don’t care enough to install that sales page/count down timer/sign up form and you walk away from your computer, stalling your business for another 6 months because you hate the internet and it’s not your real dad anyway.


We don’t do "bang 'em out", cut and paste, cookie cutter style websites.

We offer

Ongoing monthly support and development, lead generating web design, conversion-led page structures and full website services.

If none of those words made sense to you, you’re in the right place.


How different your business would be if you didn’t get stuck in your own bottleneck all the time?

You are a magnificent, fierce, smart and talented thoroughbred horse that’s born to sparkle. If you’re finding yourself frozen in the back of your float, unable to move forward, we’re the Tech Support Pony that’s going to help you break through those barriers and get your business thriving.

Ready to smash through that bottle neck?

About Ellissa

I’m Ellissa.

Design junkie, over thinker, massive dreamer and the creative expert you’ve been looking for.

Figuring out how to channel my creative energy has been problematic for me to say the least. As a kid, these tendencies resulted in some rather extreme scrapbooking and stamp collecting behaviours. And in my teens? Let’s just say that I went through a phase where I liked to wrap things in plastic and mould them into cocoons. Buy me a cocktail and I’ll tell you all about it sometime.
My twenties were spent wanting to be a performer. I had no formal training, or natural talent so this didn’t go very well.  I also dabbled with wanting to be a painter. Again, no formal training or talent - picture Britney Spears painting on her balcony in her underwear and that’s basically me circa 2001. My former housemate is still traumatised.
Ellissa Nagle - Flourish Online Founder

I realised that I could funnel these bolts of brilliance in my brain into something practical - branding and web design. Win – win – win. (For you, me, and my poor former housemate.) These days, I focus my creative splendour solely into kick-ass branding, design and websites that help small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers and general internet type people be majestic online swans.

After shacking up with a gorgeous Swede, I spent 6 years living in the land of IKEA, ABBA and Absolut vodka (oh my!) with our 2 awesome kidlets in tow. These days home is the glittery, brown, steamy city of #BrisVegas (Brisbane, for the uninitiated).

I am about empowerment but also about making life easy for the brands I work with. Think of me as an enabler but like, a good one. Not one that makes you punch tequila shots at 2am and then do a runner from the taxi on the way home. 
A pretty website is only the by product of what I set out to create for you.  What I really want for you is change, growth, power, success and endless good hair days. 
Finding good business partnerships is much like dating so if this were Tinder For Business (Binder? Tindness?) here’s what I’d write in my profile. 
Good at making websites and eating blue cheese. On Friday nights you can find me drinking red wine and watching Nashville. Bananas can die in a dumpster fire. 
Want to hang out? Say hi!

Meet the FO team



Ellissa specialises in branding for women in the online space. Her unique skillset of design, tech and marketing makes her a Very In Demand Person. If you buy her a margarita, she’ll be your best friend.


Kate is a talented designer, expert hair grower (can you SEE those luscious locks?) who specialises in Website Design. Her super-combo of beauty and tech geekery equip her with the secret sauce to make your website make people say ‘Oh wow! Look at this website!’. Kate loves coffee and now that she’s a grown up, she refuses to eat brussel sprouts unless she’s trying to be polite.

Courtney - Flourish Online


When she’s not crunching down salty snacks like the Gobbledock of Pizza Shapes, Courtney specialises in branding. She’s like a lady Inspector Gadget with an overflowing toolkit of creative skills, she’ll handcraft you a stand-out branding package that’s so good, your mum will show it to ALL of her friends, even the mean ones.


Kim is an integrations whisperer, and knows how to make two seemingly unrelated tech items talk. Just like trying to get two estranged family members talking, this is sometimes painful. Luckily, for us, Kim loves the pain. She is also our Project Manager and likes to play good and bad cop. Kim gets mad food envy, so if you ever find yourself sharing a meal with her - prepare to share.  She also likes her men hot (her husband is a Fireman) and her wine robust (She’s a Shiraz woman).



How do you send Em to her happy place? Give her a blank canvas, a cup of tea, and a Korean boyband to fangirl over. Visual Communication is her superpower, and she has been known to lose afternoons creating illustrations so pretty that they belong in a children’s book (literally - she’s now officially a PUBLISHED ILLUSTRATOR!). When she’s not putting pencil to paper, Em can be found hanging out with her favourite furry friends and indulging in two of life’s greatest pleasures: dark chocolate and Marvel movies.


Elke is an illustrator specialising in fine arts like contemporary printmaking and multimedia collage. She’s got the skills to design you a wicked website AND deliver her #wokeAF commentary on the new Cardi B music video without missing a beat - who says you can’t multitask? If you like picnics on the beach, nature hikes with bird-watching binoculars, and a healthy dose of conspiracy theories (with a side serve of Hot Cheetos, of course), Elke is your girl.


So, what does Flourish Online offer?

1. branding

Branding Kits

How you show up online determines how high you can soar. Seriously.

Branding typically starts from $1800.

4. websites

WordPress Websites

Gorgeous design and an experienced team who has worked with both large scale and small projects. We've got you covered.

Built using WordPress & BeaverBuilder our websites are beautifully unique, versatile and ready to grow with you.

3. membership

eCourse Platforms

Our platforms are gorgeous and built for the future.  #winwin

Built using WordPress, BeaverBuilder and AccessAlly, our membership sites are beautifully unique + built for you to grow with.

6. design team

Something else?

Get us on your team on an ongoing basis to roll out a variety of projects, or a custom project.

We work with a very limited number of clients on a monthly basis to help them grow their business through ongoing support or custom projects.

Ready to put on your big kid pants

and work with us?