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5 Ways To Tell If You’re an Explorer Archetype

explorer archetype

Before we get stuck into the Explorer archetype, let’s have a quick word…

Do you sometimes go on Instagram and find people who just radiate brilliance? Like they always know the right things to say and their Instagram feed is so pretty and planned and they have a hot husband and three sunkissed children who run along the beach barefoot? 

It’s not so much the unfair distribution of genetics at play here (although that certainly helps) but there’s a real clarity to their message, to their brand. 

Surely it comes naturally, right? 


That curated yet somehow totally authentic vibe rarely comes naturally. In fact, it’s usually the result of research, planning, tweaking, and locking in boundaries for sticking to a set theme. A theme that draws their followers in with that special somethin’ somethin’ that has fans wanting more… 

You could do that too, you know, if only you knew your Brand Archetype…

So let’s find out, right here and now!

There are 12 different Brand Archetypes: Explorer, Healer, Rebel, Alchemist, Innocent, Everyman, Hero, Jester, Lover, Sage, Queen and Creator, but today, it’s all about number one. 


  1. Hiking boots are your Chanel suit

Well, not literally but you’re always ready for adventure. You hate (HATE) being tied down so things like excess luggage, bulky day bags, uncomfortable clothing or pinchy shoes don’t exist in your wardrobe. If someone says ‘There’s a mad business summit in Thailand that starts in two days and I have free tickets – you in?’ you can say ‘Totally! I have my passport and I got immunised for encephalitis a month ago! Let’s do it.’

You’re always prepared and ready for adventure. You are an explorer after all. And by ‘prepared’, I mean very minimally prepared. You’re not the type to pack 20 pairs of underwear on a weekend away but you will chuck your wetsuit in the boot of the car because who knows what might happen? You’re super casual like that.  

  1. Your sense of adventure is your not-so-secret weapon 

You know why? You don’t give up easily and you go further and wider than anyone else. Explorers don’t poke their heads out the door and say ‘Nope! What I’m looking for isn’t here! Let’s go back inside.’. They strap on their backpack and say ‘Let’s look over that mountain… no the OTHER mountain… the one way in the distance.’.

For example, Elizabeth Gilbert is an explorer, constantly challenging herself, finding new directions and different avenues to explore. So is Indiana Jones (obviously), and you can join them as soon as you get yourself a wide-brimmed sable fedora and sweet pair of hiking pants. Might as well look the part, right?

When you’re an explorer archetype, connecting with your audience is a no-brainer. They want adventure, freedom, tales of the wild – that infectious Explorer energy – and you can give it to them, you sassy little wanderer. 

Think outside the box, be your own quirky self. Explorers are (and attract) free spirits, so you can let your content be a little all over the place. You’re a free spirit, untethered by Instagram’s unrealistic expectations. Definitely have a rough theme and style for your brand but also go with the flow. It’s who you are. 

  1. You get distracted VERY easily 

Explorers are outstanding – they’re high-energy, positive people. Rad storytellers and usually super easy going, nothing is too difficult or too much hassle for an Explorer archetype. 

But no one’s perfect, right? Explorers have ‘shiny object syndrome’ and they have it bad. 

This means they get distracted SUPER easily. 

Here’s your brain on any given day – 

‘I should update my business coaching offering to include in-person sessions once a month… actually, I should do once a month in-person sessions with a small group of clients. It should be in Africa because Africa is cool. I’ll charter a private jet and fly my clients there and we can have a ritual feast and aura cleansing followed by a safari. Then we can go to Iceland! And take fencing classes! And start an alpaca sanctuary!’ 

You see what happened there? The enthusiasm and Can-Do attitude can get a touch out of control. 

The solutions? Have a non-Explorer buddy on hand you can call to talk you off the ledge when a simple update to your current offering turns into a year-long sabbatical at an ashram in India or you simply disappearing off the face of the earth for three weeks. Don’t act like that hasn’t happened. You know exactly what I’m talking about. 

  1. You’re very self-directed and self-motivated… 

This is a marvelous personality trait and most of the world would kill for your pizazz and your ability to get things done. You set plans and you follow them through. It’s kind of irritating to be honest.

While other people struggle to get motivated, you’ve got all pistons pumping and all cogs cranking. Other archetypes would KILL for your energy.

Hot tip: If you’re finding yourself struggling to get motivated, it’s a pretty good sign that the path you’re on is NOT the path you should be on. Explorers have excellent instincts so if you’re feeling restless, bored or uncomfortable, change your path. For other archetypes, discomfort is a sign they’re heading in the right direction. For Explorers, it means they need to do a U-turn and go somewhere else. Anywhere else. 

  1. ..but you’re also a little bit too in love with your own autonomy 

One of the major downsides of being an Explorer archetype is that typically no one can keep up with you and you absolutely hate being told what to do. In any form. Even if it’s someone giving you directions. You don’t need directions! You’re an Explorer! The wind and the stars will show you where to go! You’re basically Pocahontas with a laptop, only instead of hunting critters, you’re seeking your truth. 

Sometimes this can lead you to ‘chop and change’ between projects. You start something, realise it doesn’t fully align with your truth, so drop it like a hot potato to try something else. You’re fearless in the pursuit of following your heart, and you’re a master of the quick pivot.

Understand that just because you’ve come up with an idea (even if it’s a fan-freaking-tastic one), that doesn’t mean you have to take action on it. Especially if it detracts from your current project.

Ways to combat this? Start a ‘not for now’ list. Every time you get an idea that doesn’t fit within your current mission or schedule, capture it on a ‘not for now’ list, and revisit it later. Make peace with the fact that you can’t do everything at once.

Luckily, one of your superpowers is seeing forks in the road where others see only a straight path… so a renewed sense of excitement is always within reach.

Think you might be an Explorer archetype? Take our quiz to find out for sure!


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