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5 Ways To Tell If You’re an Alchemist Archetype

alchemist archetype

It can be hard to run a business when you’re not quite sure what your angle is. Like a teenage girl who goes through the stereotypical feminine/goth/skater/glam looks that seem to transcend time and space, we’re all just trying to figure out who we are – and since you’re here, there’s a chance you could be an Alchemist archetype.

How can you find out for sure?

Two steps:

  1. Keep on reading and see if you relate to the wizardry going on down there, and then…
  2. Take our Brand Archetype quiz.

It will tell you exactly what your business vibe is and how you can use this information to make sweet, sweet cash in your business – but we’ll get to that later.

For now…


  1. Alchemists are basically wizards 

There’s no such thing as limits in the eyes of an Alchemist archetype. When you look to the future all you see is magic, possibilities, and world-changing ideas. 

Alchemists create things that have never existed before – think light bulbs, mobile phones, the internet. I mean, those things obviously exist now, but who dreamed them up before they existed? Alchemists. They’re magic makers. They take crazy ideas and turn them into reality. 

Other archetypes sometimes think Alchemists are a bit bananas, but a true magician doesn’t care. You’re busy creating potions and spells for huge, unimaginable, change in the world.

You’re quite the powerful force, did you know that? 

  1. Your main selling point is possibility  

Alchemists can offer something no other archetypes can: total transformation. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you just need to do it with an air of magic. It could be a cleaning product, essential oils, fur coats for your toothbrush – as long as you can communicate the importance of the transformation, your customers will be throwing money at you. 

You know that scene in Cinderella where all the woodland creatures come and make her a dress for the ball? That’s you in a nutshell. Actually, print out a picture of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmothers and make a shrine out of it. They are your inspiration. They are your Dalai Lama. A magic wand is your talisman. Everything you do is utterly enchanting. How delightful. 

  1. Your intuition is your greatest strength 

The most enviable trait of the Alchemist archetype is their razor-sharp instincts. Other Archetypes would kill for half of your natural intuition. You know when something feels wrong and your gut has never let you down. 

This is a huge strength but it can also make business decisions a bit difficult because your inner voice often clashes with common sense and it can be hard to persevere with an idea that logically seems silly but you just have a feeling it’s a good idea.

It’s particularly tough because all the nay-sayers out there can sniff out an Alchemist like you’re a tasty slice of pizza. 

The solution? 

Never forget your magic – it’s what people admire and seek out in you. Why do you think Disneyland is so popular? Do you think Walt listened when he was turned down 302 times when seeking finance for Disney world? Spoiler alert: He didn’t. Don’t let anyone dull your magic, especially yourself! 

  1. Sometimes people think you’re a flake 

This comes with the territory of being a spiritual person, unfortunately. There’s always someone who wants to dull your sparkle or question your motives – especially if the results of what you offer are more subjective than objective. In other words, if there’s no tangible reason or logic behind what you do, someone will call you out on it. 

Hot tip: Try to tone down the edgy or extreme marketing messages. It will help you avoid any unwarranted criticism and open you up to a new range of people who will totally get what you do. You’re aiming for a sweet spot where you can stay true to yourself and tweak your marketing for inclusivity – and if you hit it? SHAZAM! A wider customer base! Plus, Greglikescars won’t troll your Instagram calling you a loppy witch. Pro move, Greglikescars. Move right along.  

  1. Alchemists need to be SUPER clear on what they can do for their clients 

As a result of the meanies mentioned above, it’s important for an Alchemist archetype to be super clear on what you can do for your clients. It helps to use this sentence. 

When you use my technique/these oils/this product you will clear your money blocks/sleep better/get rid of all the bacteria in your bathroom. Make sure you can back up these claims too. No point in promising the moon when all you can actually offer is Jupiter, the most notoriously awful planet. It literally rains liquid glass. While we’re on the subject, Venus is pretty rubbish too, unless you want to live somewhere where metal melts in the air. The point is, don’t offer the moon unless you can deliver it because everything else will be a pretty terrible consolation prize.      

Hot tip: Put a magic spin on everything you do. If you sell physical products, make them beautiful. Sprinkle a little magic in every package.* 

The personal touch is what keeps Alchemists in business – use your clients’ names whenever possible and keep prioritising interpersonal relationships. It’s what you’re best at. 

Think you might be an Alchemist archetype? Want to know for sure? Take our quiz to find out!

*NOT GLITTER. No one likes that. It gets EVERYWHERE. 


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