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5 Ways to Tell If You’re a Healer Archetype


Let’s be honest: the world isn’t always an easy place to live. This is especially true if you’re a healer archetype, but we’ll get to that in a moment. 

You’re surrounded by angry drivers, hindered by endless to-do lists, and weighed down by the disapproval of general strangers. 

There’s no magic pill that fixes everything, but there is one step you can take to instantly make everything easier: 

It’s time to focus on YOU (and not just in a spa day and pedicure kind of way). 

Before you can tap into your full potential, you need to actually know yourself, and that bit is harder than it sounds. 

So – are you ready to dive deep? 

Because that’s what our Brand Archetype quiz was made for! This quiz will tell you exactly what your business vibe is and how you can use this information to stay on brand and create the kind of environment your customers love and expect. 

There are twelve different Brand Archetypes – Healer, Rebel, Alchemist, Innocent, Explorer, Everyman, Hero, Jester, Lover, Sage, Queen and Creator – but today, it’s all about number one. 

5 Ways to Tell If You’re a Healer Archetype 

1. You’re a true “people person” 

If a “people person” was an archetype in itself, you would check every box. 

You look for the good in others. Check! 

You’re empathetic enough to know what others need before they do (and then fill those needs). Check! 

You have a recipe file filled with favourites your mum used to make, just in case anyone within a ten-kilometre radius might need cheering up. Seriously? It’s obvious. 

Being helpful is great – but it has its downsides: 

You might feel like you can’t say no to someone who needs help without being labelled selfish, or neglect your own personal development because you’re so busy helping those around you. 

Whenever things get tough, remind yourself that sometimes the best thing you can do is let those around you make their own mistakes and learn from them. Dishing out tough love might not feel right at first, but know that your patients will thank you later!  

2. You don’t mind complications, but details ain’t your thang. 

This is news to precisely no one, but life can get seriously complicated. We all take wrong turns, face challenges in our relationships, and even have the occasional urge to scream into a pillow – but not one of those things is a deal-breaker for a Healer archetype. You’re in your element when you’re helping someone work through a few tangles, in their life or in their hair. 

Here’s the thing, though: being a “big picture” kind of lady usually means small details are not so fun to deal with, so if you find yourself getting bogged down in the minutia, step back and take a few healing breaths. 

3. Your friends are amazed at your bottomless pit of energy. 

Let’s face it: being human is exhausting. Just thinking about all of the shopping, cooking, working, washing, and vacuuming that needs doing is enough to suck the fun out of the day! This is when Healers seem extra miraculous: somehow, they still find the time and energy to think of others and do whatever they can to turn those frowny days upside-down. 

When you fill such an important role, it’s easy to justify giving and giving until you have nothing left. The thing is, your pit of energy is not quite as bottomless as you would have others believe. Even while you’re busy changing the world one person at a time, don’t forget about number one! You need to look after yourself first – even if that means occasionally putting down the gigantic (imaginary) first-aid kit that you carry with you at all times. 

4. You’re a born first-responder. 

Whenever there’s a crisis, Healers are first on the scene, making sure everyone has the emotional oxygen they need. If you’re always showing up in support of your friends and family during times of need, you’re a Healer to the core. The thing is, even without the pressure of heavy heat-proof outfits and burning buildings, being a Designated Emotional Support Human takes its toll, and it isn’t for everyone. Healers are exactly the type to show up to their friends’ houses with buckets of ice-cream and sappy romantic comedies to get them through breakups – and that’s a beautiful thing! Just don’t forget to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. 

5. You’re committed to continuous learning and experience 

Ask a seasoned Healer and they’ll tell you that learning is to life as sugar is to meringue: essential. Healers might seem sweet and gentle, but make no mistake – your mission to save the world is Serious Business, requiring plenty of knowledge and experience. 

Life is full of big questions like “How can we stop global warming?” and “Can chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream really put a broken heart back together?”

The answers aren’t always easy to find, but while you’re searching, you’ll learn a thing or two about how the world works – and how you can make it better.  

Think you might be a Healer archetype? Take our quiz to find out! 


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