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5 Signs Your Branding Is Holding You Back

brand holding you back

In an ideal world, your branding would be like the perfect partner: moving through life alongside you, taking you on exotic holidays, and encouraging you to make your mark on the world. 

In reality, it can seem more like that one boyfriend you had in high school who never wanted you to go to parties and hang out with your other friends. Gross. 

The thing is, it can be hard to recognise a toxic brand relationship while you’re in it – so we’ve taken the liberty of collecting a few telltale signs that you need to get out of there, ASAP. 

We’re not getting any younger, so let’s dive in. 

Sign #1: Looking at your branding doesn’t make you happy 

As a woman, you’re probably very in-tune with your emotional state. 

That, and your horoscope, because *obviously*. 

Emotions are an important tool for measuring how things are going in life, so you shouldn’t ignore them (even if they tell you to eat half a tub of ice cream and put on that song that always makes you cry for the third time this week). 

If you feel anything other than happy and excited when you look at your branding, that should be your first red flag, because if you don’t love your branding, you can’t expect your ideal customer to fall head over heels. 

Sign #2: Your earnings don’t match your offers 

How much money you make is a reflection of how much value you bring to your customers or clients, but it’s also a reflection of how people see you. 

If your competitors are offering similar services and making more money than you, there are only a few possible explanations: 

  • They happen to have very powerful friends in high places who are personally spruiking everything they do, OR…
  • They’ve been in the industry for 20 years longer than you, OR…
  • Their branding makes yours want to tuck its tail between its legs and run away. 

The first two options can happen, but the third is by far the most common. Great branding can give you the confidence and prowess to charge what you’re worth and get what you deserve. 

Sign #3: People don’t hang around on your site

So you want your site to be like a watering hole in the Savannah, but right now, it’s more like that awkward water cooler in the corner of your office where conversation goes to die. 

If people are landing on your home page only to ping off again after 3.2 seconds, we hate to say it, but your branding probably has the appeal of a subtropical desert. 

The good news is that the situation can probably be fixed with a fresh coat of digital paint. Invest in a branding package to give your site that professional look, and check your loading times just in case short attention spans are crushing your online dreams. 

P.S. In case you’ve got no idea how long people stick around on your site, head over to Google Analytics and look at the Overview report under the Audience tab. 

Sign #4: You haven’t updated your branding since you started your business…10 years ago

Great branding is a long-term investment, but the fact is that tastes change. When you were a kid, you probably loved those salt and vinegar chips, but now it’s all about cabernet merlot and fancy, pungent cheeses. 

Weird, right? Although we can’t blame you – fancy, pungent cheeses are the best. 

The same goes for your branding. What suited you 10 years ago probably doesn’t suits you now, so when your gut says it’s time for a change, resist the urge to dive right back into that bag of chips. 

Sign #5: You actively avoid telling people about your brand

As red flags go, this one is the reddest of all. 

If you’re so ashamed of your brand that you’ve stopped posting on Facebook and started deflecting questions about your work at parties, you’ve collected enough red flags to make a dress – and your approach needs to change, stat.

When you reach this stage, fresh branding is no longer a luxury. It’s the 100% essential lifesaver that’s going to keep your online business dreams alive. 

The bottom line… 

If you can relate to any of these signs, your branding is acting like a ball and chain around your ankle, when it should be more like a private jet with unlimited fuel and bottles of expensive champagne in the fridge.

You deserve a brand that partners with you – a brand that makes you proud and excited to tell the world about your business…

But if you won’t get there while you’re still hanging around with the high school dud. 

When you’re ready to toss out the old and get yourself something new, we can help. We can’t set you up with a man, but we can build you a brand that makes you feel like the fabulous woman you are and allows you to create a life you love.

Click here to find out about our branding offers. 


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