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5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is the brussel sprout of the online business world: it looks pretty intimidating and it can be hard to “get into”, but it’s also really good for growing strong, healthy business bones. 

In fact, if you’re not already in the thick of a content marketing strategy, there’s a good chance that your business isn’t quite *sprouting* the way you might have hoped. 

Whether you’re busy building up a new business, boosting an old one, or just trying to keep your top spot as Queen of the Google-verse, these five points will give you the inspo you need to keep those blog entries coming. 

Build authority 

For a while there, it seemed like the biggest authorities on the internet were cat videos and Myspace (RIP), but now that businesses are getting more serious about having a strong web presence, content is the best way to let people know that you know your stuff. 

If you can answer the questions your audience is asking, teach them something valuable, or give them something FREE, you’ll earn a place in their mind as a knowledgeable, likeable helper, and eventually…

They’ll probably buy some of your stuff. They might even tell other people about you. It’s a great exchange when you think about it. 

Build a web of links 

If you’re one of the few remaining business owners who has never heard of SEO (or would prefer to pretend that it isn’t important), this is about to blow your mind (and hopefully blow up the traffic to your website)… 

Every piece of content you write has the potential to give your website a boost in the Google search ranks. 

All you have to do is follow a quick 4-step process to creating a super-sticky SEO web and catching ALL the flies: 

Step 1: Brainstorm 

Believe it or not, your best tool for attracting dream customers to your website doesn’t have a screen or a keyboard. When it comes to getting a handle on what people really want, you can rely on your own distinctly human brain for insights. Ask yourself what you would search if you wanted to find a product or service like yours, and that’s probably what other people would do too. We’re all pretty much the same, TBH. 

Step 2: Research

Once your brain has done its bit, then the computer will come in very handy. Throw your list of keywords into a tool like Google Ads and let it tell you all about search volumes and keyword competition in your chosen region. 

Hint: choosing words with high search volumes and low competition is obviously a winning strategy – but only if you can work them into your content naturally. If you can’t, the search engine robots will shun you – and their bullsh*t detectors are more responsive than you think. 

Step 3: Write and link 

Now for the fun (read: super arduous, yet doable) process of creating your content! The idea is to create content for publication on other websites – think blogs and hot-take content sites – so that the link to your site looks totally organic. Look at the content your chosen website typically publishes – everything from the subject to the tone – and use that as a guide to choose the topic of your article. Then, start writing your piece with two Very Important Goals in mind:  

  1. Working in the keywords you want to be found for (ideally near the top of the article). 
  2. Including the link to your website in the most natural way possible.

Boom! Natural linking 101.

Step 4: Repeat

SEO is an extremely competitive industry, and there’s always someone out there looking to target your audience with a similar (or practically identical) offer. If you want to keep people on the line long enough to reel them in, you’ll have to keep that quality content coming and make those touchpoints happen. 

Have content to post on social media 

Hands up if you’ve ever struggled (we’re talking clutching-a-coffee-cup-at-4am struggling) to come up with social media content

If you’re anything like the average business owner, you’ve spent your fair share of time scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. You’ve probably watched countless other business owners nailing their content and wondered how they always have something ready to go.

Spoiler alert: they didn’t just make it happen overnight – and they probably didn’t create all of that regular content from scratch. Repurposing is the key to making your content work hard for you, so when in doubt, write evergreen content that doesn’t need to be updated every year. 

Everyone knows you can’t post a “Top Hairstyles of 2017” article in 2021. 

Create customer touchpoints

If the word “touchpoints” from a few paragraphs back sent your brain into a spiral, don’t panic: all will be explained. 

In the Content Marketing Universe, a touchpoint is basically any moment when your potential customer has an interaction with your brand – and if you want to convert touchpoints into $$$, you’ll need to create lots of them.

The latest research suggests that six is a good number for the average online offer, but more expensive products generally require more touchpoints. 

Quality written content like blogs and emails allows you to create those touchpoints without earning yourself an unsubscription – the digital equivalent of a restraining order. 

Plus, if your customers read all the way to the end of your on-site blogs and decide they kind of like what you’re putting out, your irresistible CTA and “Buy Now” button will be waiting right there for them, and you know what that means…

If you’re really clever about it, you can create content that relates directly to the product or service you’re selling – and when it’s right there…how could they resist? 

Affiliate marketing opportunities

Most people create content for one reason, and one reason only: 

They like making money. That’s it. 

They might also get a real kick out of the content creation process itself, but at the end of the day, we’d all like to make a few extra $$$ for nothing. 

“Affiliate marketing” is all about creating content that subtly advertises a product or brand you love, and earning a few dollars every time one of your readers clicks on the link. 

It’s nothing new (ask Marie Forleo, who has built an EMPIRE on the back of AM), but it’s not going away any time soon – and now is as good a time as any to get into it! 

Of course, you have to have quite a substantial following before you’ll be able to convince brands to hand over cash for exposure…

Which is really just another reason to get started right now. Your future self will thank you. 

Oh, and if you really want to make your first foray into the world of creative content marketing but you have less than zero time to make it happen, we’ve got you covered. Book in for our Copy Queen offer (just a couple of scrolls down from the Copy Lab) and get your first nine blogs done for you, stat. 


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