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4 Female Brands Making A Big Difference

female brands

In 2021, this is hardly a secret, but just in case anyone out there missed the memo: women can do pretty much anything we want to do. Of course, there are plenty of women who already knew that, including the ladies behind so many of the powerhouse female brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with. We love to watch our clients doing amazing things in the world, and these five change-makers deserve a special mention. 

female brands Kelly DielsKelly Diels 

When we hear the words “strong, powerful woman”, the words “Kelly Diels” aren’t often far behind. Kelly is a feminist business mogul who teaches other women how to make money AND justice at the same time. She’s all about growing the institutions of the future by helping her clients and customers to mould their own (better) culture through their business practices – and she does it all from behind her very own striking website. Who would have thought that turquoise, hot pink, and neon yellow could look so good together? Bravo. 

Be the change: 

Take a leaf out of Kelly’s book and re-evaluate the culture you’re creating with your business. The female brands of the future are watching! Everything from your branding to your social media copy makes its mark, so why not make it a good one? Like a beauty spot? Good plan. 

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…or click here to visit Kelly on her site. 

female brands Amy Taylor-KabbazAmy Taylor-Kabbaz

Becoming a mother is a life-changing experience in anyone’s book, but until Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, the question of how and why those changes happen (and how to navigate them) was pretty much unanswered. Amy’s work sheds a light on the transition from “woman” to “mother” and how new mums really feel – something only the most insightful female brands could do. It has the power to make new mums feel less alone after the incredible, terrifying, painful, life-affirming experience of bringing a baby into the world. It’s called “matrescence”. You won’t find it in the dictionary, but when you see Amy’s work (and her glorious online presence), you’ll feel it.   

Be the change: 

Got a problem or a question that keeps buzzing around your brain? Borrow some of Amy’s journalistic curiosity and explore it. There’s every chance that other women just like you are asking the same questions and looking for the same answers. 

Wanna check out our case study on Amy?

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…or click here to visit Amy on her site. 

female brands Dr Sarah McKay Sarah McKay

Do you remember your high school maths exams? You probably made some remark about how hard they were, only for some math teacher to appear out of thin air and tell you that “it’s not neuroscience”. Well, this time it is. Dr. Sarah McKay is an actual neuroscientist who helps entrepreneurs implement the latest neuroscience insights in their businesses. Her brand is a quietly powerful blend of rich hues, sophisticated copy, and CTAs that take all the thinking out of the equation. 

Be the change: 

Positive change starts from within, so get to know your own brain first. You don’t need to be a neuroscience expert to know that the floaty thing in your head is freakin’ magical – and with magical power comes magical responsibility. The more you know about how you function in the world, the easier it will be to meet your own needs and connect with others (which is kind of the secret to growing your business). Like we said, magical. 

Wanna check out our case study on Dr. Sarah?

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…or click here to visit Dr. Sarah on her site. 

Megan Daley Children's Books DailyChildren’s Books Daily

Reading is one of those fundamental skills we should all have the chance to learn. Skills like driving and cooking things that aren’t two-minute noodles. Fortunately, there are people like award-winning teacher-librarian and author, Megan Daley. Megan has dedicated herself to helping children join the land of the literate through Children’s Books Daily. The site bridges the gap between children and books and breathes life into literature with bright colours, fun (readable) fonts, and grounded, conversational copy. 

Be the change: 

Take your biggest passion and bring it to life in the online world. Yes, libraries are a textbook example of a stubborn brick-and-mortar setup – but Megan didn’t let that stop her from starting a reading revolution online. The best part is that she’s not alone. So many fabulous female brands started the same way! Whatever your passion, if you’re not already putting it out into the online world, the women who need what you have to give won’t be able to find you.  

Wanna check out our case study on Megan?

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…or click here to visit Megan on her site. 

After all of that epicness, there’s only one thing left to do… 

Decide what kind of impact you want your brand to have on the world. We’re not in the business of playing small, and we don’t think you should be, either…

So if you’re ready for a “different” (read: totally awesome) look, you know what to do: click here to check out our branding services. 


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