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5 Bold Personal Brands We Love 

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It’s no secret that the thrill of building personal brands for powerful women is what gets us out of bed in the morning…

But sometimes a client comes along with such a bold, exciting vision that it’s all we can do not to drop everything and follow them into the sunset. 

Boldness means different things to different people, and no two personal brands are the same, but these ladies stand out for all the right reasons. 

Kelly Diels

We like to think that when we look up boldness in the dictionary of the future, we’ll find a picture of Kelly. The design of her personal branding set a high bar – so high, in fact, that literally dozens of our clients since then have asked for something similar…

But there’s no topping the original. 

Her mission to create a new (better) culture for the world is pretty badass all on its own, but paired with branding this dynamic? It’s like a siren call to her community of ambitious, powerful feminists. 

The glorious contrast of hot pink, teal, and yellow against black and gold makes a perfect backdrop to Kelly’s inspirational, no-nonsense message, leaving no room for doubt: this woman is the real Diels. 

Wanna check out our case study on Kelly’s branding? 

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…or click here to visit Kelly on her site. 

Patricia Parks 

If anyone has the courage and tenacity to take the taboo out of social work, it’s Patricia Parks. She came to us with a bold vision for a website that would embody the courage and personal growth involved in her work – and we knew just what to do. 

This online home needed to make a powerful statement, letting visitors know that seeking help is a sign of strength…

And how better to do that than with the eye-catching contrast of black and white with a graffiti rainbow? 

Finished with powerful, honest copy, straight from the horse’s lion’s mouth, Patricia’s site refuses to be tamed – and we love that for her. 

Wanna check out our case study on Patricia’s branding? 

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…or click here to visit Patricia on her site. 

Suze Robertson  

Hands up if you’ve ever felt super confused by ALL of the different health advice floating around on the internet…

One day you’re supposed to be eating nothing but kale chips and cauliflower popcorn, and the next, it’s all about making literally everything out of mozzarella while you fight off the Keto Flu. 

If there’s anyone who can help you break free of the confusion, it’s Suze Robertson. Suze is the founder of Eat Sleep Play Repeat, a business dedicated to taking the clutter out of your health journey. 

Such a bold promise deserves a bold brand, so that’s exactly what we delivered. Visiting Suze’s website is like walking into a rainbow and coming out the other side on a tropical island. 

Complete with friendly fonts and soft textures, Suze’s website manages to look like a vacation and a really exciting business opportunity all at once. Such is the magic of personal brands.

Wanna check out our case study on Suze’s branding? 

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…or click here to visit Suze on her site.  

Amy Cox  

Whoever said “family is everything” was probably friends with Amy Cox. Amy is an award-winning (former) teacher, an author, and a mum of four, but above all, she is an expert on the one thing we could all use a little more of…

Good old-fashioned, messy, imperfect FUN. Amy was leading a movement of people who wanted to enjoy the micro-moments and savour their family relationships – and we couldn’t help but follow.

At FO, we kinda love having fun, and we were excited to reflect Amy’s bright personality in her branding. We’re talking all the colours of the rainbow with adorable cartoon-style illustrations and playful stripes. It’s just as fun as it sounds – promise.  

Top it all off with playful, relatable, inspiring copy, and you’ve got one heck of a manifesto for a bolder, more colourful life. 

Wanna check out our case study on Amy’s branding? 

Take me there!

…or click here to visit Amy on her site. 

Sarah McKay

Dr. Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist dedicated to sharing all of her brainy insights with business owners who want to better understand the inner workings of their customers’ minds. 

She wanted something with equal measures of calm and class to put her ideal customers in just the right headspace, and how better to do that than with a palette of rich, bold colours? 

The blend of ruby, emerald, and tourmaline with soft feather textures and cursive script is pure luxury. Warm and approachable, it’s the perfect backdrop for Dr. Sarah’s message. 

See, Sarah knows her stuff, and her copy proves it, but she also knows the power of a simple headline. “I explain the brain”? Please, go on. 

Basically, if you asked for a serve of neuroscience without the clinical, you’d get Dr. Sarah – and your brain would totally like it. 

Wanna check out our case study on Dr. Sarah’s branding? 

Take me there!

…or click here to visit Dr. Sarah on her site. 

So…are you ready to get yourself a look that makes other personal brands look decidedly less bold? 

You know what to do…

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