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5 Beautiful AccessAlly Membership Sites 

AccessAlly Membership Sites

Planning a new online course? Once you’ve decided what you’re going to cover (and whether it’s going to sell), the next big decision is where to build it – and once you see a few of the beautiful AccessAlly membership sites we’ve had the pleasure of creating, you won’t look anywhere else. 

In case you haven’t heard, AccessAlly is the go-to builder for women who want an online learning platform that keeps their students coming back time and time again (and looks really good doing it). 

Whether you have a brilliant course idea just waiting to go, or you’re just here to collect a little inspiration, you won’t forget these designs in a hurry…

Kelly Diels

We dare you to look at Kelly’s AccessAlly membership site and say you don’t feel a bit jelly. 

Just like her website, this super bold design is unlike anything else we’ve seen on the internet, and it suits Kelly to a tee. 

Inside the membership platform, each course and module has its own beautifully crafted icon leading to the video content, downloads, and assessment submission portal inside. It’s almost like university, but without the midnight deadlines and excessive caffeine consumption. 

Several of Kelly’s standalone certification courses even use an AccessAlly assessment function to automatically personalise each certificate. It’s fancy, fabulous, and feminine AF. 

Wanna see for yourself?

Check it out here. 

Rebecca Sparrow

Between multiple courses, speaking engagements, and two membership platforms, Bec Sparrow is one busy lady…

Which is exactly why she prefers to hand her design work over to us. It just makes sense, really. 

Bec’s popular membership platform is sweetness and light personified, full of pink, blue, and her trademark sparrows, but it’s also tough enough to hold LOADS of programs. 

From her mini-courses on texting and setting boundaries to her main programs, it’s all 100% Bec – even when the branding takes an adventurous turn in her Rebel Readers Alliance membership. 

It’s official: navy blue and gold pair surprisingly well with vibrant shades of green and pink. Almost as well as Bec’s youthful, fun, ever-so-slightly rebellious branding pairs with the tween girls she works with. 

And the best part? You won’t need a map and a compass to navigate this platform. With a tidy menu bar at the top and a handful of links and resources at the bottom, everything you need is just a click away.

Wanna see for yourself?

Check it out here. 

Natalie MacNeil 

The name “Natalie MacNeil” is basically synonymous with bright lights, shimmer, and sparkle, and her membership site doesn’t disappoint. 

Her site is home to her high-end coaching program, Reveal, and The Transformational Embodiment Coaching Certification. 

We won’t lie – there was a lot to squeeze into these membership sites, but Natalie’s branded icons and quick links bars keep things looking as tidy and accessible as they are shiny (read: very). 

The site is as functional as it is dazzling, with buttons set out for the curriculum, the Facebook group, the call schedule, and the content library – and all surrounded by just the right amount of white space. In a word? Transformative. 

Wanna see for yourself?

Check it out here. 

Cass Dunn

A beautiful mission deserves a beautiful membership platform, and we’re proud to say that Cass Dunn has both. 

Cass is a psychologist who teaches people how to go from crappy to happy – and honestly? Just looking at her online learning hub is enough to lift our spirits. Between the palm trees and the colours of sunset, it’s basically a holiday for your eyes. 

Cass’ pink, green, and gold branding is a common thread through each of her course and module icons. Paired with her tape heading style, it’s consistent without ever being boring. Who would’ve thought? 

The whole site looks almost like a scrapbook full of Polaroids. You know, if every Polaroid came out perfectly the first time. If only. 

Finished with bright, colourful, atmospheric imagery and plenty of white space, Cass’ site proves that AccessAlly membership sites really can make your brain smile.  

Wanna see for yourself?

Check it out here. 

Mindful in May

Meditation is a seriously powerful practice for mental health, but if you’re short on time, a quick look at the Mindful in May membership site might just do the trick.

The site holds space for several programs and enough content to send even true zen masters into a tailspin…

But, with clever fold-out menus and irresistibly colourful icons for each day on the home page, it somehow manages to remain calming, creative, and of course, chaos-free. 

The devil is in the detail here, from the colourful illustrated icons and matching headers to the workbook mockups tucked away in the folding menus – and the angular MIM branding is like an epic chorus that keeps coming back around.  

It’s pretty hard to get lost with all of those handy menus, but even if you did, would it be a bad thing? This meditation maze is the perfect place to spend a few hours (or days). 

Wanna see for yourself?

Check it out here. 

The final verdict:

AccessAlly membership sites are pretty much the gold standard in appearance, functionality, and organisation. Don’t believe us? Get one for yourself – click here to find out more about our membership offers. 


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