Help us write stuff that sounds good

Wanted: Copywriter

Flourish Online helps entrepreneurs build out their online platforms for better exposure to their work, greater leveraged income and the ability to reach more people with their expertise.

Based in Brisbane, we have a fun team that works together 2 days a week, and from home 3 days a week.  We are looking for the right person for our team, and this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live in Brisbane (but you will need to travel there a couple of times a year if not).  But also, why wouldn’t you live in Brisbane?  It’s amazing.  #wallylewis




No, we are not selling doterra.  We are looking for a copywriter to join our team as a contractor for 2 days a week, to take control of all the copy mysteries that running an online business beholds.  These include:

// Social Media posts / FB ad copy

// Email communications (including sales emails and nurture sequences)

// Landing and Sales pages (for us and for clients)

// Editing and refinement of client work for websites and ebooks



You are:
  • A total word nerd (and you enjoy pretty design).
  • Funny, quirky and a bit cheeky.
  • Know how online business works.
  • You’ve taken at least a couple of ecourses before, and know how this industry works.
  • Can meet deadlines.
  • Can communicate when you CAN’T meet deadlines.
  • Have good people and communication skills.
  • Enjoy a fast pace.
  • Enjoy challenges, changes.
  • Want to be the best in your field.
  • Have a can do attitude, and not afraid to get in and roll your sleeves up.
  • Want to work as part of a team (while enjoying your work from home vibe).
  • Positive.

To apply:

Please email using "Copywriter Application" in the subject line.

Tell me:

  1. Your favourite recent project, and why (and include a link to it).
  2. The most fun you ever had.
  3. The biggest challenge as a copywriter in the online world.

Please also send through samples of your work, plus anything else you think we should know about you.


We look forward to hearing from you.